Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prayers for the suffering Haitians on the first anniversary of the quake.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel of Haiti

O Mary, Black Madonna of Mt. Carmel, your children continue to suffer and have no one to help them rebuild... no one to nurse them back to health, no one to clothe and feed them, no one to minister to them spiritually in the manner they deserve and need.  O Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help, do not forget the poorest and most despised of your children.  O Mother of Prompt Succor, delay no longer and come to their aid!  Convert the hearts of those who control and exploit your children, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Move them to act promptly and decisively for the welfare of these souls most in need of Christ's mercy.  Amen

Thank you for hearing our prayer and obtaining the graces we ask for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Donate:  Catholic Relief Services Emergency Fund For Haiti.


  1. Has it already been a year?

    Do you know anywhere online where I can make a donation?

  2. Mercury - Thanks for asking - I posted the link at the bottom of the post and here:

  3. Well, apparently my old college is demanding I "donate" some funds so I can get my transcript released, because they "donated" a parking tag to me three years ago that as never returned.

    I get paid soon, though, and I doubt all of Haiti's problems will be solved by then. Thanks for the link.

    Now do you know anywhere where I can make a donation for a pint :) ?


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