Sunday, January 09, 2011


I don't know what else to say about the tragedy in Tuscon.  The shooting ranks right up there with the other assassinations and mass murders this culture of death breeds.

Prayers for the victims.


  1. michael r.11:06 AM

    "...the other assassinations and mass murders this culture of death breeds."

    I had a friend call me this morning, and he asked if I wasn't shocked by this horror. I pretty much said exactly what you just stated. No, unfortunately I am not shocked. It is a culture that is most definitely in decline.

  2. The one that really gets to me is the death of that poor child. Just nine years old.

    You're speechless? Fred Phelps has plenty to say about the Tucson shootings.

  3. Arizona has an open carry law...where was everyone else with their pieces???

    The majorly scarey thing is that he'll probably get off scott-free as he's crazy...

    I will pray for Congresswoman Gabby, her family, the victims, and the people of Arizona at Mas this morning....things are getting out of hand..


  4. "...Arizona has an open carry law...where was everyone else with their pieces???..."

    You are overlooking the fact this was a gathering of Liberals.

    We are not Liberals. We carry hardware.

    I live an hour from Tucson, and not even the Mexican Mafia starts anything around us.

    They are too afraid of getting lead poisoning.

    One citizen enforcing his right to bear arms would have taken this kid out quick.

    In this anti-Catholic, anti-Mexican State of Arizona, it was a Mexican that ran up through the gunfire and helped save her life.


  5. I find it ironic that the little girl had just completed her first communion and the Judge who was killed was apparently a daily communicant. The congresswoman is pro choice and highly regarded by pro choice folks...

  6. Lead poisoning...

    Pablo--that's a good one :) I'll file that for future reference :)

    Amazing how the "trouble" seems to go away when everyone knows everyone else is packing heat..Although the Crossroads of the West Gun Show sure seems to bring out some rather interesting also tend to treat women differently when they know that a woman just might shoot better than they...

    I have my Utah Concealed of the advantages about living in the American West..very pro-gun :)



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