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Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Pope in Santiago De Compostela, Spain: No pilgrim's shell for you!

There he is, Pope Benedict at Compostella, looking all cute - but he should not get a pilgrim's shell and certificate for making the pilgrimage.  Why?  Because he didn't walk there.  That is why I couldn't get one.  I walked part way but I started out on a train, and I also hitch-hiked part way.  LOL!  I didn't care and I'm just teasing about the Holy Father.
I'm thrilled the Holy Father is there - as is Angelo - my friend in Spain.  Compostella enshrines the relics of Santiago - St. James - and the shrine is highly significant in Spanish and European culture.  St. James is credited with driving out the Moors... so it will be interesting if the Holy Father discusses Islam at all.
Perhaps more thrilling for me, he will travel to Barcelona to consecrate the Cathedral of the Holy Family - Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudi's wondrous masterpiece, still under construction.


  1. Father Joe12:10 PM

    I'm also thrilled that he's consecrating Gaudi's masterpiece! I concelebrated Mass in the chapel there last November.

  2. I was very moved by the Mass at Compestella...Br. Joseph and I were there in 2002; just seeing the church and the plaza brought back all kinds of wonderful memories of a great spiritual experience.
    And I am particularly happy that the Sagrada Familia will be consecrated tomorrow, the Holy Family being our central focus and charism.
    Thanks, Mr. Terry!
    And by the way, we didn't get the official "pilgrim shell" either...we got there by bus...lazy monks:-)!

  3. Thanks Terry. We love the pope. We need you.

  4. Wonder if they used the Botafumaro in honor of the Holy Father being there?

  5. When I was in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia was my one of my favorite spots we visited. I'd love to see what it is looking like these days, considering I was there16 years ago. How wonderful that it will be consecrated.

  6. Jenn - Hi - Let's go there!

  7. Some friends of mine made the pilgrimage a couple years ago & got their shells.
    Anyhow Papa Benedetto already has a shell in his coat of arms, so he doesn't need another 1.


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