Tuesday, November 02, 2010

If I should forget you Jerusalem...

Let my right hand wither...
All Souls day... and the day after the new martyrs of Baghdad. 
"By the rivers of Babylon
there we sat and wept,
remembering Zion;
on the poplars that grew there
we hung up our harps.

O how could we sing
the song of the Lord
on alien soil?
If I forget you, Jerusalem,
let my right hand wither!" - Ps. 137
Three priests among those dead in Baghdad.


  1. Martyrs indeed. God rest their holy souls.

    In one of the reports it stated that at least 13 on the gunmen got away. You really think these murderers got THAT lucky and had no assistance from corrupt Iraqi police officers?

  2. So much evil.
    So much madness.
    Such great suffering. The vale of tears in which we live is just wasteland, at times.
    One day, all tears will be wiped away; no more death; no more suffering or pain.
    That is the promise Jesus gives us.

  3. I went with irony and prayed for the poor souls in purgatory at Abp. Ireland's grave this afternoon. Especially priests and religious from the Archdiocese. I don't think people pray for the deceased priests and religious since there's a presumption that everyone goes to heaven.


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