Monday, November 01, 2010

All Saints Day

The holy day of All Saints falls on a Monday this year, therefore it is not a holy day of obligation for Catholics in the United States - don't let the very, very pious guilt you otherwise.  You are free to go to Mass however.
Happy feast day to all!  Let's pray for one another that we will be faithful and have the grace to persevere so that we might be made worthy to share the lot of the saints in light.


  1. Happy Feast of All Saints

  2. Happy Feast and prayers.

  3. Happy feast day Angelo and Father! Hopefully we will all meet one another in heaven and rejoice with all the saints forever and ever.

  4. Happy Feast Day to all!!


  5. Happy All Saints Day!

  6. Oh,Mr. Terry and y'all...
    won't that be great day!
    I mean, really!
    This vale of tears is for our sanctification, but I can't wait to be with the cohorts of heaven (if I actually make it there...there are bets out on that one...sheesh...well, whatever!)


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