Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The day after: I like the headlines - Pelosi out.

It means we are still a democracy.
I was especially pleased to note this headline:  "Gay marriage judges get boot in Iowa".  Gay marriage was legalized in Iowa - 'legislated from the bench' - against the will of the people.  These elections demonstrate that the people want change, but not the changes proposed by liberal politicians and judges.
"It appears we're headed for a resounding victory tonight and a historic moment in the state of Iowa," said Bob Vander Plaats, the Sioux City businessman who led a campaign to remove the justices because of the 2009 gay marriage ruling. "The people of Iowa stood up in record numbers and sent a message ... that it is 'We the people,' not 'We the courts.' " -
In Minnesota we vote for judges as well - not in the same way Iowans voted yesterday - however, since unwanted laws have been forced upon Americans in and through legislation from the bench, perhaps we need to look more closely at the judges who are up for re-election these days.  It's an area of government not many of us know about - in fact most people do not know a thing about the judges on the ballot.  And while it is true the judge ought to be impartial and not an advocate for this or that social change - it is fairly obvious that is not always the case.
BTW:  As of this writing, it is not clear who has won the Governor's race in Minnesota - it is very close and a recount will most likely take place.
Image:  Actual photo of Nancy Pelosi's meltdown.


  1. How on earth did you get such a great shot of Nancy's meltdown? I loved the guy who won, "give me the damn gavel." Great acceptance speech!

  2. We live in a Republic, not a democracy.

    "And to the republic for which its stands, one nation under God, indivisible ..."

    Let’s see; Nancy Pelosi, among other things, made Health Care a reality for many unfortunate Americans.

    That means billions of dollars will be spent right here in America. About 2 cents for every billions of dollars spent will actually get to the average, minimum wage earning working poor American.

    About 98 cents of every billions of dollars spent will go to the mooch cry baby rich guys with PhD’s, Doctorates, and so on that complain Nancy Pelosi provided care for the back bone of America,(by all means, I thoroughly understand this healthcare program is not as good as the one provided to illegal aliens for the last 30+ years).

    Either way, these are monies that will be spent in America.

    18 billion dollars disappeared in Afghanistan. Disappeared. Gone. Not one human being asked where the heck it went.

    Give 18 billion dollars to poor Americans, and only 2 cents of every billions, will get to the poor. The mooch cry baby rich guys with PhD’s, Doctorates, and so on will get the other 98 cents of every billions. Only the poor guys will be made to pay all of it back, with interest.

    Mrs. Pelosi did good spending money here in America.

    And when an a hole does some good, they should be recognized for it.

    When it comes to the new guy in charge, a few months in office, and we’ll be hanging him in effigy also.

    Like they used to say on the ranch:

    “Save your ropes boys.”


  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    great thoughts, and observations, funny picture.

  4. Pablo, good point about the money in Afghanistan, but I though most of the money in "health care reform" will stay here, as you say, and I'm sure some of it at least will get to the poor, it will still break the backs of those in the middle - guys with families, guys with businesses, etc. This will result in more lost jobs, and more poor. As Milton Friedman said: "to an unemployed man, unemployment is 100%"

    And about Iraq and Afghanistan - I find it all to be ultimately futile because the US government and the US military refuse to name the enemy, which is jihadist Islam. Unless we can officially recognize that *they* are fighting a jihad because they are compelled by their religion, the wars are already lost.

  5. michael r.5:10 PM

    Yes, cute picture. Interesting observations too. I'm with Pablo. I live in Boehner's back yard, btw. He is a total phony, and in short order we will all be waxing poetic for the good old days of Pelosi.

  6. A lot of conservatives are not keen on Boehner, considering him part of the old guard (McCain / Bush good ol' boys). It *is* possible that the House Republicans could vote someone else in as speaker.

    As for waxing poetic about the good ol' days of Pelosi - not even Democrats like her, and if she wasn't in the most liberal, gay-issima district in San Francisco, she'd have never gotten as far as she did.

  7. michael r.6:10 PM

    One can hope they will pick someone else, but not likely, after all the tears he shed last night after his local victory....a bucket of tears that was promptly thrown on Nancy Pelosi.

  8. ... who melted, according to the video

  9. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first Catholic President of the United States.

    He was killed in Texas, the only State in America where the whites spell out their hatred of the Priesthood and Mexicans in the same breath in their State Constitution.

    Their capture of the Alamo was a significant (to them) victory over Roman Catholicism.

    Now, in America, Roman Catholics are among government’s top five office-holders: the new soon to be House Speaker, Vice-President Joe Biden and Chief Justice John Roberts.

    Two thirds of the current Supreme Court members are Catholics.

    If you think we have taken a beating at the hands of the past Satan worshiping Freemason Presidents, with this bunch in office, all I can say is:

    “Hold onto your shorts, kids.”

    The thing about us having to pay for all the free stuff people will be getting is that this is a blessing for us.

    It is an act of Charity for us to give the best part of our stuff to Lazarus, for he is poor.

    We are required as Catholics not just to tithe; we also must give to the poor. If we do not, we are like the Steward that stole from the boss.

    This is the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy becoming America’s first and only Catholic President.


  10. But we're not giving it to the poor. We're giving it to politicians. This is no more going to help the poor than it is going to create jobs. The poor will get a pittance form this, and the system, just like welfare, will help to keep them poor, and will help foster dysfunction among the poor.

    Would you say the the "wealthy" Russian landowners in the 1920s should have been grateful when their lands were seized by the state?

    Or how would you feel if someone stole $100 from you, took $90 for himself and gave $10 to some poor guys to split up amongst themselves?

    Christians must absolutely give from their wealth, which comes from God alone. But theft purportedly "for the poor" is not Christian morality, it's simply theft.

    America's poor, especially blacks are arguably worse off than they were in the 1960s in terms of institutionalized poverty and family breakdown. This is after we've spent $11 billion in welfare, which was supposed to reduce poverty. It got worse.

  11. Pablo, for the record, if I really thought the taxes I were paying were *helping* real poor people, I would be glad to pay them.

    But most programs in place do nothing to help poor people. The intention is to make them dependant on the politicians.

    And how do you know that some of those Catholics in office may not be real Catholics who believe in the Church's teachings (Marco Rubio comes to mind)?

  12. michael r.9:39 AM

    Marco Rubio is apparently evangelical -- an ex-Catholic. Not that it matters. Most politicians are crooks. Remember when the Pope forbade priests from holding elective office? I think the Pope should forbid ANY Catholic from holding elective office. Save us, Lord.

  13. She doesn't "regret" a thing.
    She had better.

  14. Hm, silly me assumed he was Catholic. I dunno, it would be nice to have real Catholics holding elective office, or any real Christian for that matter. Chances are, they wouldn't get very far, though.

    Frankly, I'd just like to see one of them take the Church seriously on all major issues.

  15. Gawrsh, she's purdy...


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