Saturday, November 06, 2010

Another fall from grace.

A local priest was arrested this past Thursday for exposing himself to an undercover policeman in a gay cruising area in the Twin Cities.  The priest resigned his position as pastor.  Please keep the priest and his parish in your prayers.  It must surely be devastating for all concerned. 

The more things change, the more they remain the same - just remember that.  Remain steadfast in the faith and be vigilant.
That's all.


  1. I read about that. Sad and disgusting. I have a couple of acquaintances at that parish, at least one of which thinks/thought highly of the priest.

  2. I've met him - he's a very nice guy. Now his photo is all over the news. It is very sad. I think the priest needs our prayers very much - this type of exposure carries with it grave temptations to suicide. God forbid.

  3. He and his parish will be in my prayers...


  4. And prayersnot only for this priest but for the faithful of the parish, whose faith is surely tried...

  5. It's better this way. Everybody knows. He can't be blackmailed anymore becuase he's no longer living a lie. The hard thing will be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Somebody out there has a story to tell and is probably bursting at the seems to talk to a reporter.

  6. I was so disturbed last night I woke up every hour on the hour to pray for the priest. I never would have guessed this about him. Dymphna - I think you might be right - on some level it must be a relief for him. I pray for him that he does not despair.

  7. We need to encourage his Bishop to call everyone forward that might have a problem with him and resolve any issues immediately.

    An Exorcist Priest needs to come into the Parish to fight the diabolical that has aroused the carnal passions in this Priest.

    The Bishop needs to suspend novelty in his Diocese and say the proper Mass, and catechize with Priests only. And give the sacraments with Priests only.

    Faithful need to get back into the pews and open their mouths only when in prayer. That strongly includes the women; no more handing out communion and Lecturing. Kneel for reception of Holy Communion, and show some respect; wear your veils.

    This Priest fell because his sheep scattered on him. The only way to get this Sheppard back on his feet is for his sheep to behave.

    We need to stop over looking the fact that there is a Devil.


  8. I will pray, during the night for the poor priest's soul. He must have been tempted horribly by the devil. He need only look to Christ now, for his true self worth. Man's esteem is fleeting, conditional and eventually meaningless.

    There but for the Grace of God go I.....

  9. Sr. Lucia of Fatima said that consecrated souls and priests are most attacked by the devil.
    Jesus, mercy upon this poor priest and his flock.
    Who knows what kind of demons he has, is, being tormented by?
    It doesn't make it right; it just makes us ever more vigilant to love our priests, pray for them, and hold them close to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
    No one knows what kind of demonic assaults are made upon the priests and religious; it is so sad when one falls, but Jesus is ever greater.
    His Merciful Love is ever greater.


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