Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reason # 1 for not handing out Halloween candy tonight...

Amongst the 'children' there could be a terrorist.  DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR!  (Kids are vicious.)
Works for me.


  1. Reason 2: If you feed them once, they'll keep coming back for more.

  2. Utah is one of those backward states where Halloween is not celebrated on Sunday...

    So I missed passing out candy..

    But Nothing like being in an airport on about everyone looking like a potential terrorist...but Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman were ahead of me in I feel so much safer.. :)


  3. I got sick of handing out candy to kids aged 13+. Also some kids stole my pumpkin two years ago after taking candy from me. That was the end of my Halloween spirit.

  4. We ask when we see unfamiliar kids and learned that some kids trick or treat in our neighborhood because their grandparents live here.

  5. I am so LOOOVING that photo!!
    Really!! I actually know a priest or two that looks just like that!!
    Too funny!


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