Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do priests get jealous of one another?

Like if I said I really like Fr. X, Y, or Z's blog better than Monsignor Ganswein's - does that bother priests?  Are some priests competitive?  What if I really thought that the priest who wears a long cape is much more Catholic than one who doesn't wear any cape at all?  What if I praised the devotion of one priest and recommended his blog to everyone, but then never ever directed people to Fr. Idlephonse's blog?  What if I said one priest wasn't...
Oh who cares?
Photo: Chicago priest.


  1. It's all utterly ridiculous isn't it?!

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Are you kidding?

    Of course they are. They're human. They can be competitive, gossipy, vengeful, cruel, possessive, power-hungry, vain...let's say gossipy again...cliquish...

    ...just like the rest of us.

    What do you think you'd hear at Sunday night dinner in the rectory? Pious discussios of St. Thomas? Doubtful.

    But I have a feeling you're talking about something
    specific...that I'm ignorant of, sadly.


  3. Liz - I really haven't anything in mind - I honestly was just being silly, posting the first thing that came into my mind and just used Fr. Pfleger's photo for fun.

  4. Austringer10:08 AM


    As Liz points out, they're just as bad as the rest of us.

    Unfortunately, the conversations aren't always restricted to Sunday night dinner in the rectory -- or even to the rectory. My pastor has had quite a lot of things to say about other priests (none positive) to me, a parishioner, and it's hard not to think that competetiveness wasn't the motive. He also had a mocking impression he would do of Archbishop Flynn -- whiny and nasal -- and it was hard not to guess that Archbishop Flynn didn't recognize his qualities as much as he and his mother felt were due. Obviously a lack of prudence is also indicated -- this was stuff best left to the rectory -- but there again priests are just like everyone else.

    I've gotten so cynical about priests...sometimes I think, given the damage they can do, that they maybe ought to be just sacrament dispensers and forget the shepherd end of it.

  5. You just know that Fr Z checks Technorati every day to make sure he's still ahead of Fr Dwight, Dr Blake and His Hermeneuticalness! LOL!

  6. LeoRufus2:46 PM

    I think Chicago's Father Pf looks like a Ken Doll from this picture, if I remember what my sister's Ken and Barbie set looked like - it's been so long ago. But the hair seems right.

  7. Oh, don't get me started!
    This starts in the seminary (esp. if they're 'twenty-something'...yeah)...
    I taught in a seminary for several years; jealousy is rife there; can't imagine it's anything different once they're ordained...I'm a monastic priest so I don't frequent the diocesan circles all too often...but I do imagine it's an issue.
    For the love of Pete!!
    Just do what the Lord has asked you to do and pray!
    Who gives a fig what anybody else thinks (unless you're not doing what you're supposed to or are doing naughty-type-things...then, get your act together!).
    What difference does it make if I make a fuss?
    I'm just called to pray and do penance; and folks, please pray for me, because I'm not so good at that each and every day...really.
    Sorry to say it. I'm trying!

  8. Oh, Larry D: you naughty boy, you:<)!
    Never woulda thought of it!

  9. Larry - that is so true - Fr. Z makes no qualms about asking people to follow him and raise his stats. LOL! I think he needs a radio show myself.

  10. Austringer7:19 PM

    Nazareth Priest,
    I believe that Satan spends extra time and energy targeting priests, and so you fellows are obviously going to be tempted, probably more than the rest of us.

    You mentioned this starting in the seminary: that stands to reason -- If I were Satan, I'd try to get 'em before the grace of Holy Orders makes it tougher. Get some habits and ways of thinking going in a competetive direction...

    It points to the necessity of praying for our priests. Yes, yes, I know I whine and complain about my pastor a great deal (I can't honestly say that I've forgiven him, or even that I want to, though I pray that I just get over myself), but I do pray for him daily (and he is a great priest!).

  11. I pray for priests all the time. Especially ones who hang out with Father Ken.

  12. Let's tell tales-out-of-school ! (ie, seminary & rectory life + any monastary, I'm sure !)...Yes this is rampant.

    And the more worldly a priest is, the more this vice creeps in. It takes great virtue to just rejoice in another's gifts instead of being 'jealous' over them. (Ultimately, "Thou shalt not covet..." covers the whole thing, doesn't it?)

    I knew a pastor who was so wickedly jealous of young curates that he tried to make their lives miserable.

    Priests who have any 'artistic' talent such as art, music abilities or preaching skills are subject to the 'professional jealousy' syndrome.

    What a waste of misdirected energy; this life's too short for it.

  13. It just hit me (I'm so ditzy!)...
    Fr. Pfleger!!
    I'm dying here, Terry!!

  14. Pfleger looks like a priest, doesn't he?

  15. "Homo homini lupus, femina feminae lupior, sacerdos sacerdoti lupissimus"

    Man behaves like a wolf towards another man,

    A woman behaves with another woman in a more ferocious way than a man with another man,

    And a priest behaves with another priest in an even more ferocious way.

    The Holy Mother at Quito, Ecuador stated:

    "The Sacred Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised. ...The demon will try to persecute the Ministers of the Lord in every possible way and he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation, corrupting many of them.

    Pray for the Holy Father.

    Pray for Priests, Nuns, and Religious, living and deceased.



  16. Radio show?

    No. He needs a parish. I can think of a few without priests.

  17. You think he could cope? Or that parishioners would stay? Where?

  18. Ok. Point taken.

    Perhaps some personal parish for uber-trads only?

    Then again, that smells like a recipe for disaster.

  19. Thom, sfo: Fr. Pf needs some "de-briefing", to put it mildly.
    Whether you're uber-trad, conservative, middle of the road, liberal, flaky or dissenting...any priest who's given charge of any group of the faithful better get it right when it comes to what their responsibilities are and that they're to be faithful to the Church.
    That sounds contradictory, I guess, but we live in a very strange situation today...political ideologies seem to be more important than being faithful to Christ and His Church.
    And I include the far right in this, as well.

  20. Aceman9:28 AM

    nazareth priest--I think T&T are talking about Fr.Z and not Fr.Pfleger. ;-)


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