Monday, July 19, 2010

8 Year Old Banner Headline: Half of All Seminarians Gay!

Get out!

What is it, sweeps week?
Checking out Pewsitters this evening I came across their tabloid-style lead headline with the Newsweek logo discussing gays in the seminary - as if it is 'breaking news' or the results of a recent study. Being a slow blogging day, I checked out the article, only to find the piece is dated May 20, 2002.  C'mon.  The report was not even accurate in the first instance.  Anyway - since the Vatican Visitation, applicants for the seminary are rigorously screened - no Ken dolls allowed! 
So anyway - watch your 'Catholic' news sources.


  1. Maria7:10 PM

    NO Ken DOLLS? Oh,my. ROFLMAO!

  2. Too funny! I clicked on that link too and skimmed the article quickly. I sat there thinking..."I don't get there new info?...What am I missing??" Now I know! I didn't see the date. Snort.

  3. ...and in other news, is Pope John Paul II too ill to be Pope??

    I'm pretty sure Newsweek printed a story like about the same time.

  4. They must check their links because the article was down shortly after I posted this. I hope they don't blackball me now - Spirit Daily doesn't like me because I make fun of some of their news items too.

  5. Ho hum!!
    Welcome to the world, folks!
    And, since this is an "old" article, let me tell you, two visitation of Vatican observers probably put the "kabosh" on any kind of obvious "gay culture"...but with the effects of original sin, liars, and confused but fearful guys in the seminary, who knows?
    Who can know?
    The confessors and spiritual directors are not going to/should not reveal anything.
    Unless you've got video tape of "the deed", anecdotes and accusations are just those...
    Stuff happens; if seminarians are seducing other seminarians, out you go; if faculty are seducing seminarians, out they go.
    You cannot clean up everything; you just do the best you can, provide adequate training, direction and proper norms.
    People misbehave in all kinds of situations; if they are absolutely guilty, deal with it.

  6. I have an acquaintance who was invited not to make a return visit to a monastery. He must not have gotten the memo.

  7. Aceman6:44 AM

    Thankfully, seminaries are now screening their applicants more thoroughly, and we're getting only real men, the kind who long for the day when they can wear pretty lace and maybe, someday, be swathed in yards and yards of magenta watered silk! ;-)


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