Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh how they complain about baby-boomers...

Perpetuation of the status quo.
In every age, the younger generation always tries to assassinate the older generation - and yet they expend great effort to  curry the favor of those in power - whenever opportune of course, as well as to profit from their monetary resources whenever possible, don't they Barbie and Ken?


  1. +JMJ+

    The little Catholic commentary I still do is inspired by the thought of what the next two generations will think of our own stay in power. (I can hear it right now: How could you have let that happen???) I doubt that they will like "us" any more than we will like "the Boomers."

    Yes, it's partly the way of the world, partly a well-deserved judgment, and partly the myopia that comes with the youthful conviction that one's generation is going to be that which finally sets things right.

    I don't think anyone has a real basis for calling any age a "new springtime" before the age is at least 150 years in the past. (And yes, I know who first popularised that phrase--someone not a Boomer, LOL!--and why we will pay for it for years to come.)

  2. I love your commentary. Thanks.

    I was in a mood to blow someone out of the water yesterday...

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Terry, I am so sick and tired of people complaining about us "Boomers". we didn't choose the time of being born! Just because I'm 63 and have short grey hair doesn't mean anything other than what it is -- I'm 63 w/ short grey hair. I've always tried to be a good daughter of the Church, and I resent being lumped in with those who sow dissent. They don't speak for me -- in fact, I'm no longer involved in parish groups because they're overrun by "country club" Catholics who are into being "nice" and are quite vicious (in a nice way, mind you) to those who don't go along. Funny enough, I too was in quite a "mood" the other day ... and God forgive me, I stayed away from Mass because of it and went to a concert instead. Sometime that happens -- but never did I imagine needing a regular "time out" from Mass because of my issues w/ the "church people",as you call them. Guess that means I'm not as faithful a daughter of the Church as I should be. "God, be merciful to me, a sinner".

    Chloesmom (not my real name - some people in my parish read blogs so I have to be careful).

  4. Chloesmom - Yesterday I wanted to wage all out war on the spoiled brats.

  5. Stroke the hand that feeds you so that the hand that feeds you won't reach out to stab you in the back, so you bite it as a pre-emptive maneuver...

    It's like the young eating the old before the old get to eat their young. So much distrust.

    It's true wisdom that many desert fathers rarely trusted themselves.

  6. I guess I'm a "boomer" (born in the last weeks of 1959).
    I didn't think about this much until recently when I turned 50.
    I'm almost ready for AARP:<)!

  7. +JMJ+

    More scattered, tangentially related thoughts that I scatter on Terry's blog because they are no longer relevant on my own and he hasn't told me to go away yet . . .

    Another thing I remember from many years ago: some bloggers were asking the question, "What is it about blogs that attracts vibrant, orthodox Catholics?" (He meant young Catholics, of course.) I recall a long comments thread with only a few people pointed out the obvious: blogs are new media that Gen X and the Millennials are simply more likely to pick up than the Boomers. Occam's razor, baby! But everyone else was looking for a more meaningful answer, something Marshall McLuhan-ish that would prove we were the best simply because we were blogging.

    And now I wonder what new technology better able to take over the world will be waved in my late-adapter face in about thirty years.

    We're not good because we blog and we don't blog because we're good.

  8. I was born in 1964, so I'm right on the cusp...

    I refer to myself as a "Beatles" baby :)

    As for the Baby boomers--you can be either a "silver fox" or an "old fart." :)

    But I will say the earlier generations have a better work ethic..the younger folks nowadays have like ZERO work's like pulling teeth to do something simple like "SHOW UP TO WORK ON TIME??" And get off the F**Kn' Internet and write up this report that due by the end of the day?? We are like paying ya to work, not to surf and mess around with FaceBook...

    A couple of years ago we actually had to fire one of the young engineers in my dept becaue he was continually on the phone to his wife, and had no pride in his time he was preparing some calculations for me to present on a project to the government, I took one look at them and they weren't even close to being right...I confronted him about it, he got all defensive and went to MY boss..who basically told him to FIX the calculations...apparently he made an "error" in the Excel formula..good thing I caught it cause the figures were off by about $50 million. I would have lost my job if I would have presented such garbage.

    And people nowadays wonder why they can't find work...all I ask is that you show up on time, limit the personal yik yak and surfing, and don't give me crap--either attitude or work. Not asking for much..ya think??


  9. Oh yeah,, and please come to work dressed appropriately and with good personal hygiene..I work in an office with business attire, not a gym or a nightclub or your "grungy chores around the house" getup.

    You don't want to be mistaken for the "summer hire"....

    Thanks for letting me vent Terry :)

  10. So, what you and the comments above are saying is that it is only SOME of the Boomers (not ALL) just as it is only SOME of the younger generation (not ALL) blaming the Boomers etc.


  11. +JMJ+

    I know what I'm saying is that if you're "young," just wait . . . You'll get what's coming.

    And if you're "old," well, you were once "young," so . . .

    All the world's a stage, but some people take it more seriously than others.


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