Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Magdalen

July 22 is the memorial of St. Mary Magdalen.
Saint Mary Magdalene – One of the first women mystics and ascetics of the Church.


  1. The beloved saint is patron of the Diocese of Salt Lake City..


  2. She was a priest, too, you know.

    And a bishop.

    Oh! Oh! She had a baby, too - I don't recall who the dad was, though...


  3. Sr. Patricia honey - are you posting comments using Larry's name?

  4. “Magister adest, et te vocat te”

    “The Master is here, and He calls you”.

    “Noli Me Tangere”

    “Do not touch me”

    Even among all the Saints, Mary Magdalene is considered the greatest of Saints.

    The Sinner, as she is known, was the first person called by name to come before the Blessed Sacrament.

    She was the second person to see Christ after He resurrected.

    Many have continued to accuse her as the Jewish men once did.

    Christ forgave her many sins because she loved much. She was the only person in the New Testament that repented.

    After she, Martha, and her brother Lazarus were cast out into the sea by the Jews that they might perish, angels took them to France. There Saint Mary Magdalene lived in a cave until she died thirty years later.

    She was the first recluse, or hermit.


  5. here is the link to our Cathedral in Salt Lake City, the Cathedral of the Madeleine...Romanesque outside, Gothic inside.


    Copy and paste thelink in your browser.


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