Monday, July 19, 2010

What American Actress Should Portray Ayn Rand?

Winona Ryder of course.  Quick - someone write a screenplay.
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  1. Based on this pic, I will say either Boy George or Jughead Jones from Archie comics:0)

  2. Tom - Look closely - I really think she looks like Ryder here - I love Winona.

  3. Although she's not an actress--LiLo's ex girfriend Samantha Ronson is a dead ringer..

    Maybe a few acting lessons?? She sure got the drama with Lilo down pat <>.

    Sorry :) Not :)


    Oh yeah Terry-- Sir Paul Mc Cartney played last week in SLC at Rio Tinto Stadium.. a friend of mine went to see him.. said it was an awesome show :)

  4. Steve Buscemi

  5. Austringer10:40 AM

    Yup, Steve Buscemi.

  6. Austringer12:20 PM

    Larry, Johnny Depp would be an overly sympathetic choice...he would bring far too much attractiveness to the portrayal of a thoroughly nasty atheist.

  7. Austringer - only if Tim Burton were the director. And then it would be animated...

  8. Sorry Terry, Helena Bonham Carter would be better at that role. Ayn Rand would be a natural progression from her roles in Alice in Wonderland and Terminator: Salvation.

  9. Did you see the film about Ayn Rand with Helen Mirren? Helen was great! It was a disturbing film, though.......

  10. Sorry Leo, I can't stand Helena Bonham Carter.

    Elena - I bet Mirren was excellent.

  11. Ayn R. is definitely a very nasty character.
    Buscemi (he's just nasty looking as is!) would be my pick...ever see Fargo? (Yikes!)...I love H. Mirren.
    She is a real actress. First class.

  12. Hey Terry ! neat thought !

    Those pseudo 'Bette Davis' eyes !

    Winona's come-back.

    (Have you seen all those YouTube clips of Ayn Rand ? Wow...and those books ! An original 20th C. goddess of godless secularism. She was particularly disliked by my Thomistic-Prof in the seminary...)

    Tanks for da'walk down mem'ry lane.

  13. +JMJ+

    I saw the film Elena mentioned, The Passion of Ayn Rand, and I don't think either Helena or Winona could top what Helen Mirren did there. (Apologies to the fans of both actresses!)

    I've also just deleted a very long comment about the movie's source material, background, production, controversy, and everything else that makes up the web of politics around it. I guess it's sufficient to say that Mirren is absolutely convincing as the "spider" in the middle of it all.

  14. Enbrethiliel - id you and Elena recommend Mirren's film - I have to see it - I trust your judgement. I also love Winona and wish she'd do something again.

  15. LeoRufus8:24 AM

    Terry, you cannot stand Helena Bonham Carter and I can't stand Ayn Rand, I think the tensions built up by Carter playing the Rand role would be compelling. Ryder while in appearance lends a charm would not have that undercurrent of agida that Carter brings to table.


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