Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Completely Stupid...

Checking email, twitter-feed, facebook, blog comments - how many times a day?  Writing and reading posts - how many hours a day?  Talking on the cell phone at all times... Like someone said recently - how do they find time to pray?  How do they keep a job?  No wonder they are always _____, _____, _____, fill in the blanks.

Oh who cares?


  1. I hate cell phones. I hate land line phones. I hate phones, period.
    Those who know me know this.
    I may take a day, a few days, a week to get back to them, unless they yell, "EMERGENCY"...and then I call back. (And this includes my immediate family; we have an "understanding" of sorts...of sorts!)
    As for the rest; I take my time.
    I'm supposed to be praying and living in the "presence of God";
    Yeeek! if only!
    I have got to get some handle on this.
    You are absolutely right.
    Don't give up!

  2. Just because I check my e-mail obsessively and can't sleep without a cellphone in my hand doesn't mean I have a problem!

  3. Sorry, hon, I got pulled into a meeting so I can't comment!


  4. Or some of us watch construction projects in the neighborhood all day long. Or dodge them with our cars.

  5. Just to prove that we all not so lame here in Utah..


    copy and paste link in browser..

    Have a giggle on me :)


  6. I wonder how long the person who made the comment, about how much time others spend praying, prays themselves. Did they say? Or did they use their personal devotional activities as a measuring stick for us all to meet? I always get a little concerned when people start moaning about everyone else's activities, without also mentioning their own defects of character alongside. Unless they think they don't have any of course. Then they remind me of the self righteous twerp in the Bible, who goes into the temple bemoaning sinners and thanking God that he himself is not like that. I prefer the other guy who simply acknowledges his own state and asks for mercy. To me, he is loving himself more truly, the angry man is at odds with his own being, if he but saw it. His attacks on sinners are attacks on himself.

    These gadgets that people are so attached to, to me, are just distracters from the loneliness of individual existence without the full vision of God. Also a way of fitting in, there is soooooooo much pressure on folks to be seen to be 'like everyone else'
    I only became confident in my own idiosyncrasies as I got older and basically noticed that it suddenly didn't matter if people didn't like me. It was quite a relief, a large one. There are so many people anyway, and if you really want to find 'friends' to socialize with, you can. I quite like being alone and find computer socialising much more controllable. Reading through this, I sound like an insane control freak. Gosh, imagine that.

    I hope it's allright to post comments with differing opinions to yours Terry? I don't know you well enough yet, to know. Guess I'll soon find out.

  7. +JMJ+

    This isn't a new question. I remember Patrick Madrid asking it years ago, not naming any names, but just wondering how someone who posted so often on a daily basis (and found time to respond to comments) got any other work done but that.

    As for me (not that I have a Catholic blog or anything--Ha!), times are hard and professional after-school tutoring isn't as popular among parents as it used to be, so I haven't been making the hours that I should since the school year began. I blog all day because, on most days, I don't have a job.

    Worst of both worlds, aye? ;-)

  8. Jenn - Men must 'supervise' construction work.
    Shadolands - you may disagree with me any time - I very much appreciate your insight. Speaking of my defects, I was just jealous of how many followers and commentors those who live online get.

    Sarah - that is funny.

    Enbrethiliel - I'm glad Madrid did something on this too - I usually do something like this every month or so.

    Hi Cath.

    That's funny Nan.

    Okay Father.

  9. Oh thank God for that. I was stressing over this comment all day. I managed to build a garden table to work off the stress though, so it was put to creative use.
    'They' might get lots of followers Terry, but the followers are mostly 'yes men'. Too scared to step out of line and disagree with the famous blogger. I notice that certain popular bloggers with magnified egos demand exactly how their followers should comment with threat of a ban or non-adherence to their words if laws are digressed. This is online bullying to me, in some cases anyway.
    Mind you, if it makes one popular. I might do a post titled "follow me, or I'll smash your face in!" Is that too blunt though? Maybe needs a bit of work, conceal the manipulative aspect of it more subtly. Just read through this, I am definitely going slightly insane. Oh well, I'll get a new brain in heaven, if I'm good.

  10. Just to throw this in the pot:
    Very interesting!

  11. oh for shit sakes, shadowlands. I made the comment in reference to a cat fight that was going via twitter between a liberal catholic news source, American Papist & Fr.Z...

    If you must... I blog maybe an hour or so every few days. The rest of my time is spent in my cell levitating in ecstasy and receiving the Blessed Sacrament nine times a day.

    two finger salute!

  12. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Wait, Crescat, what?

    That was the context? I saw the original post, and you didn't mention that at all.


  13. Kat-

    I'd love to meet you in person:0) LOL!

  14. Kat: What's your secret?
    I mean, really??

  15. You're a bully Crescat, and I do not like you.

  16. I think this post is about me - Terry's jealous because I have 177 followers and he only has 100.

    Well, this would be about me, except for the twitter stuff, cos I don't twitter. Oh, and same goes for Facebook. What is that, anyway? Terry doesn't think I have a job, but I do. I'm an Amway consultant. Would you like some soap?

    Sorry - have to go and blog some more. And check my email. And my sitemeter stats. And my Technorati rating....
    Hah! My captcha is "uspendtomuchtimeblogging"! What a coinky-dink!

    Luv ya, Ter!

  17. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. The angels are watching you kids, play nice.

  18. a bully? Yup... that's so me.

  19. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped! Catfight!

    I love all of you. Don't stop on my account. Oh! Oh! And I know Larry has a job - he writes comedy.

    Shadowlands - Kat is very sweet - but kitty does have claws.

    Kat - sorry I got you in trouble - I honestly did not remember I saw that 'wonder when they pray' bit on your blog. I had to agree.

    And then, finally - I really did onlt post this because I was jealous of everyone who has more followers than I do and because Cathy is friends with Vincenzo and never comments on my blog any longer, and, and, ... I'm pathetic.

    Breaks down in tears, exits stage left, goes out to buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of tequila.

  20. Poor poor Terry--

    You need a little cheese with that whine.. :)

    But I'll help ya drink the tequila :) I have cause to celebrate :) And I promise I'm a happy drunk :)



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