Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Completely Stupid.

I have to get offline.
But not without comment.  I'm convinced the biggest service the Internet provides is to show how damnable stupid human beings are.  I just saw a piece about some Russian entrepreneurs dumping a donkey out of a plane with a parachute as an advertising stunt, scaring beach goers in the process.  Talk about inhumane!
Stupid-assed news stories fill Spirit Daily, Drudge, Pewsitters, and blogs today.  Who cares if an elephant was possessed?  Stupid people.  Who wants dead relatives at their bed side as they are dying?  If you knew mine you'd know how terrifying that would be.  Who cares if the Pope says the traditional Mass in private?  Such trivial pursuit!  "Academic bias against Catholics" - oh that's news - no effing kidding!  And don't forget Pewsitter's 8 year old headline from Newsweek.  I also noted the headline that the USCCB urge extension of unemployment benefits... Where the hell do they think the money is going to come from?  As they get permission to close stable parishes and sell off assets?  Who's in Obama's back pocket?
Then there is the never ending saga of Mel, Lindsay, and the rest of the worthless.  Completely stupid.
I've got to start making better use of my time.


  1. At least wait until I get my next funny post up!

    Seriously....I agree with you. I'm convinced we aren't getting smarter with access to so much more information as a result of the Information Highway - we're filling our heads with stupid inane stuff, making us dumber. Or we're reading stories and news items that only serve to make us angrier and less Christian.

    I say this after being on "i Can Haz Cheeseburger?" for the past 10 minutes. I feel stupider now.

  2. I watched Idiocracy the other day. Ever see that movie?

    Possibly true.

    Maybe we should help Barry get the power to shut down the inter-tubes. Maybe America would go outside and play.

  3. You're absolutely correct. Oh, and OUCH! Who ruffled your feathers today?

    I'm writing another post on Gibson and the Obama's favorite ice-cream flavor:0)

  4. The older I get, the stupider the world gets.
    And I count myself in with the "stupider"...yeah, the internet is rife with garbage; I read an account of some saint recently (I believe St. John Fisher, the marytyred bishop in England--the only one who rejected Henry VIII's machinations) who said he wished he had prayed more rather than spending the time writing.
    That made me think.
    A lot!:<)!

  5. 4mercy5:52 PM

    please don't get off the internet - yours has become one of my favorite sites!

    The other collection of time wasting stupidity on the internet is facebook of course - I finally joined and the amount of time I spent reading good books immediately dropped!

    BTW Catholic Exchange is a GREAT site! (I occasionally write articles for them and appreciate any opportunity for shameless self-promotion) ;)

  6. That is why I limit my Internet time to one hour a day.... or next thing I know it is 3 am and I have to get up at 5:15 am....
    that that is very unkind to everyone..
    You Tube espe
    cially is a BIG BIG time sucker..

    One of my fellow coworkers in our Installation dept thinks that computers are only good for porn and video games..I think in alot of way he's probably on to something..

    Wasn't that just a HEARTBREAKING photo of LiLo at the courthouse this morning?? :)


  7. I think I wrote this post

  8. Cath - you probably did.

  9. Yep.........

    LarryD - Whooooooooaaaa there. You've gone too far when you start trashing LOL kittehs. It's one of the truest and smartest sites we can visit!

  10. Adrienne - nothing against the kittehs! It's the other sites they have there I was referring to. honest!!


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