Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm talking about the "new" one.
I think calling for a new Pentecost is just a figure of speech - right?  Because in a sense wouldn't it be the same as calling for a new Resurrection?  I really don't know the answer to that however.

Although I couldn't help wonder...  What if the internets is the new Pentecost everyone was hoping for?  You know, because as Scripture tells us, language was scrambled at Babel - but then at Pentecost the gift of tongues came and everything went to Latin - until the Council - and then it went back to being mixed up until the Charismatic movement came along.  But now the Church and the world is online - omigosh!  The internets has become like one language everyone can speak and understand.  What if this is the new Pentecost of the digital continent?  I know! 
So keep on bloggin' brothas and sistas!


Just being silly!


  1. I hope there are no poisonous snakes in that picture...yikes!
    Some of these "Gospel Churches" in the south just creep me out with their snake handling, poison drinking, etc.
    Living the Christian life is hard enough without getting into the whole snake-handling thing.
    Okay, I'm done:<)!
    (The picture posted brought on all kinds of "regression-type"'s just me...don't even try to figure it out!)
    And as for a "new" 'bouts we stay with "The New Evangelization"...we have a lot of work to re-evangelize those who call themselves Christians/Catholics...a whole lot!

  2. NP--years ago I went to one of those snake handling revivals in the South..held in a big was something else..the preachers sure do know how to preach and talk about sinning and hell. We all thought we were on the one way road straight to hell :)

    When I was in Turkey we had a Gypsy circus come to town....they had an Indian guy from India who did snake charming with HUGE cobras..that was way cool + scary at the same time. I had no idea cobras could get so big...I thought they were like rattlesnakes or cottonmouths. They were kept in big woven straw baskets.

    Never saw the poison drinkers though..need to put that on my bucket list.


  3. Sara: Praise Jesus you weren't bit by those nasty snakes...I'm all too familiar with this "crap"...
    Read Donna Tartt's "The Little Friend"...awesome fiction; absolutely creepy depiction of snake handling...I love D. Tartt...she's one of the best writers(a Catholic, also)...she makes evil and good very real.
    Snake handling.
    I'd rather drink poison, thank you very much (which I will NOT not call the police, puleeze...suicide is farthest thing from my early death...well, okay, maybe...if it's Jesus' will...otherwise...I'll just SIT HERE and wait for the rest of your posts!!:<)!)

  4. Terry - interesting observation re: the internets...

    So when someone is engaged in a "flame war" with another blogger, is that like the fire of the Holy Spirit??

  5. I think you are on to something here, Ter. Alta Vista babel fish (the instant webpage translator) is the internet version of the speaking in tongues thing!

    and speaking of internets...

    I heard on NPR yesterday that Youtube has more hits each day than all of network television combined.....times 10 (or some number). They said that the networks have millions of viewers, whereas Youtube has billions of viewers each day. It is an instant pop-star maker among other things, and it's only been around for 5 years or so.

    And did you know that it would take you 1700 years to view every video that is on Youtube? 24 hours of video time is uploaded on Youtube every minute.


  6. +JMJ+

    This reminds me of the Neal Stephenson novel Snow Crash, in which Christianity is revealed to be a virus which corrupted our human hard drives. ;)


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