Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cardinal Mahony making sure everything is ready...

Today LA get's it's new Coadjutor.
BENEDICT, bishop,
Servant of the Servants of God:

To the Venerable Brother
until now Archbishop of San Antonio,
appointed Coadjutor to the Metropolitan Church of Los Angeles:

greetings and Apostolic Blessing....
H/T Whispers
Photo:  American Red Hat - why not?


  1. It will be VEEEEERY INTERESTING (to quote Artie Johnson on "Laugh In"--I'm dating myself here...) to see how this all "plays out".
    Yeah, very interesting (I'll shut up now before I go into over-drive!).

  2. Interesting times in which we are a-livin'. Go go go Gomez!


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