Saturday, May 22, 2010

Suicide averted.

The lady is back up and running - but keep the prayers going, I think there must be a great deal to sort out.


  1. My Mass this evening will be for her.

    May God's light pierce the darkness.

  2. Thank you for updating us. Continuing my prayers. And I enjoy your catholic blog very much. Walter

  3. Thanks, Terry.
    Life can really stink sometimes.
    We really have to support and help one another.

  4. Thanks be to God!!

    He has heard and answered the prayers of His children!!

    Thanks also for the saints and angels who prayed and interceded on our behalf!!

    Thank you Sweet Jesus who heard our petition during Your Hour of Mercy...

    My Mass tomorrow will be one of thanksgiving, and so will be my Daily Office for the next day.

    God Bless.... Sara

  5. It seems that once again today, she's
    shut her blog down. It does seem that there's a lot of hurt there, also.
    Will continue to pray.


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