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Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Play

The cats have been busy rehearing for their school play, "The Pussy Monologues".  Last year they did "Rent" but some Catholics complained. 
They attend homeschool people.


  1. Shocking ... oh my... is that fierce growling sounds from my Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese, gently named Goretti after that famous Patroness of Purity ... the cats' show might be cancelled if I'm not able to cage her ...

  2. PML - I added the last line while you were commenting - so it wasn't added because of your comment - just so you know I wasn't being snarky.

  3. ROFL ... and it ain't even Fri ...

  4. Bwahahaha! Love it!

  5. I'd pay to see that. I heard that TPM are meowvelous.

  6. You can post the P word?? Most filters kick it out...

    That's why I have puddy tats.. :)


  7. Sara - is it offensive? If it is I will take it down immediately.

  8. Offensive??? Oh, not at all :) We all know that you're referring to your dear sweet kitties.. :)

    I am sitting here laughing with tear running down my face....the "play" on words is great... :) TPM vs TVM.... :)

    On a side note--at work this week we had all kinds of "diversity" training and "sensitivity" training and "respect in the workplace" blah blah blah..we got presented with a whole list of "offensive" words, topics, apparel, appearance, etc... I'm surprised I can even get up in the morning without "offending" someone...I wish I could put up a playbill at work with your kitties school play and see how long it would take til someone is "offended".....

    OK.. I'll stop :)

  9. I had to ask my teenager what the heck "TROLOLO" meant and she said, "You have not seen that video?!" So of course I had to look it up....and cracked up harder than I have in a very long time! Good times!

  10. Gette - I'll have to look it up now too - I've never seen it.

    Sara - thanks - I was going to take it down this AM.

  11. Okay - I watched it. I have to say I found trolololol funny in a Kathy Bates sort of way...

    If the original was all that was offered by way of pop music in the USSR, no wonder communism fell.

  12. That kitty has class, poise and dignity...what could be offensive about that:<)!?
    It's the horrid and obscene VMonologues, to which I believe you are referring, Mr. Terry...correct me if I am wrong...
    That's the junk that is "NC, man...no class" to quote "Fat Albert" by the Bill Cosby.

  13. Yep, the "pop rock" scene was very tame--or should I say, comatose?

    I also checked out several of the many parodies of it, which also cracked me up. But, the interview with the man that sang the song is very uplifting. In spite of all the jokes and laughs at his expense, he is such a good-natured gentleman about it. (There's a Catholic lesson in there somewhere.)

    By the way, I noticed that your dancing cat is the same one in the wacky dancing photo on your sidebar (I think)...did you photoshop that?

  14. I was stationed in West Germany when the Wall came down...seemed like the first things the East German kids did was pile in their rickety little cars and head to the neared record store :)

    They would also practically buy the Levi's right off your body..

  15. Gette - it is the same cat!

  16. For further viewing pleasure, check out:
    That cat is just too funny!:<)!
    I watched the "Trolololol" guy but after three minutes was put into a trance (the nine minute version)...and did not want to end up in the nuthouse or in an advanced state of "dementia" (I gotta watch now that I've turned 50!!)

  17. Dearest Fr. Nazareth,

    Hahhahaha!!! So that explains why I LOVE the Trololol guy-- I've already passed that threshold of advanced dementia: I, too, recently turned 50!


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