Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sins of the tongue

Untitled Terry Nelson 2010
8 x 8 acrylic on canvas.

(After Simon Marmion.)

I posted it on UYS too.
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  1. I love it--most excellent!

  2. Very nice work, Terry.

  3. Terry, this is truly 'Terry'fying/frying and wonderful. I may start having one day a week of complete silence, as a discipline for my sometimes 'motor-mouth'.

  4. One thing about "sins of the tongue" is that it's not only what we say..but what we FAIL to say...

    How many have we walked past gossippers (unfortunately my workplace if full of is so like 7th grade, yeesh), and turned the head and continued on, rather than admonishing the gossip ( perhaps due to fear of being unpopular, etc)..I had to deal with that earlier this week when I ran into a gossip group saying really mean things about a fellow coworker.. I learned alot about myself, good teaching moment.

    And later on in the day I did have one lady take me aside and say "I'm so glad you said something..I was so horrified that I couldn't say a word." It is times like that we must speak up when perhaps others cannot.


  5. Thanks everyone - as you can tell it's not a good photo and I did a poor job cropping it.

    Sara - thanks for the speaking up advice - it takes courage to do that in an office situation.

  6. Clare Krishan10:45 PM

    medieval in the best -- pittoresque -- sense, made intimately familiar not exceedingly strange at all:

  7. Austringer11:58 PM

    Horrifyingly effective -- in particular, the figures in the mouth have a crawly, festering, hopeless quality -- like bees or maggots.

    Guilty as charged...

  8. The reason the tongue resembles a heart - Paul Stilwell caught it, but others have asked as well:

    "Wicked designs come from the deep recesses of the heart..." Mark 7:20-23

  9. If my memory serves me, St. Catherine of Sienna said something about the tortures in purgatory for those who sinned with the tongue were burrowing worms...ish!
    I think this image gives a complementary horror to having you tongue burrowed by worms; God forgive me for every sin I have committed with my tonge.
    St. James has something to say on this in his Epistle, as well.
    My word verification: uncul.
    Yeah, very uncool. Hot, verrry hot!
    I pray for everyone I have every sinned against with this tongue of mine and pray that God will have mercy...sins of the tongue are one of the greatest sins "of the just"...who don't fornicate, get drunk, rob banks, commit adultery/sodomy,'s one of the "passed over sins" that can get you straight into hell, if you don't repent!
    Great meditation, Terry!

  10. +JMJ+

    I was wondering about the heart shapes, too. Thanks, Terry. And the fires, especially this soon after Pentecost, make me think of the Sacred Heart. And yet these are a different sort of flame.

  11. Clare Krishan7:21 AM

    Yes, Enbrethiliel "And yet these are a different sort of flame." see Terry's from 5-12 on the burning bush not consumed (light-that-was-god), its most prophetic indeed!


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