Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Class of 1967

Reunion planning in process.

Thoughts after reading Facebook profiles ...

Somehow, I think they - we - were among the most clueless of all the Baby-boomers.  Although, maybe it was just me.

I haven't really thought about high school or the people I knew, but the reunion thing has really kind of fascinated me.  I knew some of the women organizing the event - not all of them well - but I seem to recall being friendly with them.  I'm not surprised they would be into this stuff, because that is what they did and they did it well.

I had some philosophical musings about the reunion and the people involved and who is coming so far and all of that, but it doesn't seem important right now.  I was never involved in earlier reunions or get-togethers, so I would have little reason to get involved now.  But with me, you never know.

Over the years, I occasionally ran into 'outsiders' from my class - we recognized one another but did little more than acknowledge one another.  I recall one woman who lived in the apartment building next door to mine in Minneapolis.  She was an attorney and doing quite well.  In school she kept to herself and was very studious.  She wasn't snubbed, but if I remember correctly, she kept to herself - some thought she was a snob, but I think she was just shy.  I wondered if people like her would even give consideration to such a thing as a high school reunion?  Then I thought of the poor students people used to make fun of or simply shun.   Would they come to a reunion?

Personally, I have good memories of high school, but I was just passing through at the time and moved on.  Although I genuinely admired the high achievers, those who made the honor-role, the athletes, and many who were allegedly part of 'the clique'.  (I didn't really see it that way.  They were all nice to me, so I had nothing against them.)  Today these people are very successful, and they deserve it - they worked for it.

One last thought, my closest friends, the people I hung out with went to Catholic high school, so I wasn't all that close to the students in my class - which may account for my outsider status.  Senior year my life changed completely and I moved on almost immediately after graduation.

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  1. Reunions are a bit odd. In the past year I helped organize a grade school 8th grade one and attended a high school one. Both were interesting life review. The grade school one was more interesting to me since it was a parish school and neighborhood event. Much has changed there. I enjoyed seeing classmates from both. All good people with successful family life and careers. We are a fortunate generation. At my age no one had the need to impress. A highlight of my grade school one was reconnecting with three teachers who are still alive. Two nuns and a lay teacher. All excellent teachers who were formative in our lives. I visit my 1st Grade teacher regularly now and correspond weekly. That is a blessing to me. She is lovely. I say go. You may gain an unexpected friendship like me.

  2. I'm seriously thinking of it - because as you say, at our age there is no need to impress or anything like that. I would probably go just to tell everyone how much I admired them for all their achievements - especially those who are parents. How wonderful to have a family.

  3. I love this line from your post: "But with me, you never know." I hear myself saying that to my mom. Then I see her take a take a sip of Diet Pepsi, pause then laugh. Next she would say "yes, with you we never know." Finally she would take a long drag off her cigarette! I am seriously missing my mom these days. Take care



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