Thursday, February 02, 2017

Are these people even Catholic?

I was skimming some of the Catholic news aggregator sites and was pretty much stunned - once again - by the editorialized headline copy for some of the articles.  The articles themselves shouldn't be printed or linked to.  They are essentially anarchist and scandalous - aptly regarded as crackpot, they still do damage to the Church.  To call themselves Catholic is one thing, but their fidelity strikes me as dubious, at best.

Here's a sampling of editorialized headlines:

  • Oily, Slimy Bishop Barron Ready For A FrancisChurch Red Hat

  • Herald’s Fr. Lucie Smith lumps popular Trump in with ruthless, anti-Catholic Pope Francis because immigration enforcement.

  • Vatican Fr. Czerny to new ThugCardinal Tobin: Pope says to tell you the US bishops are doing a great job giving Trump my FrancisGospel!

  • Cardinal Wuerl particularly touchy, hopelessly snake-like about the ‘very small group of people and their media’ liars who care about Christ’s Church.


"Oily, Slimy Bishop"?

"anti-Catholic Pope Francis"?



"Cardinal ... hopelessly snake-like"?

These expressions are not even Christian.

[Years ago when I used to be more critical of fellow Catholics and sometimes fallen priests ... I got a lot of people, former friends, condemning me, dropping their links, and so on, all for a lot less than what these people post today.  Amazingly, a few of these same people continue to link to those pundits online who post gossip, detraction, and 'scathing criticism' of Pope Francis and the bishops he appoints, as well as pass rash judgement and condemn ordinary Catholics faithful to the the Church as Novus Ordo Catholics, liberals, and fools.]

The source of detraction, calumny and slander.


  1. I must be a bad Catholic then since I like/admire all of those who are being smeared by the so-called good Catholics.

    Sad ... especially with Bishop Baron whom I just love.

  2. I find the descriptions of some of the bishops above quite appropriate. Thought history we have seen many slimy, thuggish, snake-like, and anti-Catholic bishops and even Popes. I don't see what's wrong with calling a spade a spade. After all, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it might just be a duck. People are much to sensitive today...what would they have done in the middle ages? Insults were much shall we say it...flowery than it is today.

    1. Thank God the opinions of these self-important catholic bloggers carry no authority whatsoever except by those whom they blindly lead. I know mine is mere opinion much like yous is so therefore, we are merely opining without so much as altering the Church in any way.

      Now ... when I stand before the Lord on the Last Day, well that is a whole other matter. I picture a long line ...

  3. I have stopped worrying about everyone else - I have my hands full trying to keep myself in line.

    1. Worry about me though - I need the concern. ;)

    2. Me too and lots of prayer. ^^

    3. It would be a privilege to pray for both of you :)

  4. Isn't prayer wonderful. The whole world can be falling apart, people can feel they are just so important, and yet the center holds if based on the love of God, his son and his saints. I think the angels are working overtime. I know St Joseph is! Began a novena to Our Lady of Lourdes today. Got you covered Terry and Yaya. I feel at peace. Check out the site Pray more Novenas if you need a little encouragement. The daily e mails have kept me faithful to completion. I do not have a great personal need right now so my intentions are for all of you and our great wonderful USA.

    1. Kind WH,

      Thank you for your prayers. Be assured of mine always. ^^


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