Monday, January 30, 2017

I thought this was good ...

Pride of mind “is a very dangerous thing and not easily cured; it is much worse than pride of will. For pride of will, being visible to the mind, can sometimes be easily cured by forcing it to submit to the yoke of what is good. But when the mind is firmly grounded in the self-relying thought that its own judgments are better than all others, who can cure it in the end? Can it ever obey anyone, if it feels certain that the judgments of others are not as good as its own? When this eye of the soul — mind — with whose help man could see and correct pride of will, is itself blinded by pride and remains uncured, who will cure the will? Then everything within is so disorganized that there is neither place nor person for applying a healing poultice. This is why you must hasten to oppose this pernicious pride of mind, before it penetrates into the marrow of your bones. Resist it, curb the quickness of your mind and humbly subject your opinion to the opinions of others. Be a fool for the love of God…
- John of Kronstadt

[John of Kronstadt is a Russian Orthodox saint.  He was a married priest and knew Rasputin and may have 'sponsored' his introduction to the Royal Family.  He is also accused of anti-Semitism.  Nevertheless, his spiritual counsels are very good.]  


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    1. "Pride of mind “is a very dangerous thing"

      I have learned the hard way so your post rings true. I am glad that I had to stumble in order to learn prudence and eat some humble pie while at it.

      This post should be sent to President Trump since his "executive ordering" needs to be reigned it. While at work and after listening to the Doug McIntyre radio program, it occurred to me that running a country is like running a medical nursing unit in a hospital, TEAMWORK IS REQUIRED!

      If I want things to go smoothly in order to make sure the nursing staff understands their responsibilities, I am responsible for communicating clearly and concisely what is expected of them. A plan of care for each patient is in place before we provide nursing care. Protocols are in place as to what we can and cannot do, especially since our nursing license is on the line if a grave error is made.
      I don't just bark orders at people without explaining what the goals are. I don't give the impression that I alone know what's best ... I want feedback so our goals for each patient is met.

      Anyway, I then thought of this blunder with regards to the immigration situation. It seems to me an order was fired off without all the teams involved being informed. Both parties should have been consulted, strategies outlined, protocols in place, personnel trained. Firing off an order just does not cut it ... chaos ensues and it sure did for the Trump administration.

      Now, they have double the work to do ... go back to square one, do damage control, appease the folks who are raging (despite my distaste for such hysteria, it could have been avoided), speak clearly, plainly, and stick to the facts because let's be honest here, the MSM/Democrats are having a field day with the lies, half-truths, distorted reporting and over-the-top biased misrepresentation of the facts.

      Unfortunate indeed ... Terry Mattingly has called it a train-wreck and rightly so but he is fair as he also mentioned the MSM as adding fuel to the fire.

      I am glad that the Holy Spirit inspired me to ask St. Joseph to watch over and guide President Trump. It all makes more sense now ... prudence truly is a virtue.

      I am climbing off my soap box now as it was a busy night at work.

      Have a great week everyone!

    2. Yaya - you hit the nail right on the head!!!

    3. Long winded is the one sure thing. ^^

  2. I am in support of President Trump's pick for a seat on the SCOTUS. I read about his experience and what he stands for and I will support and pray he gets confirmed. Already the Dems are crying because he does not fit their "idea." I shudder to think what that is.

    In the words of the wise Professor Robert P. George:

    "After Donald Trump's election as President I said I would criticize him when he did something wrong and praise him when he did something right. This morning, in my preface to Angela Wu's excellent analysis of the Trump executive order, I criticized him. Tonight I praise his nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch, whom I know well, is a faithful constitutionalist and extraordinarily well-qualified. President Trump could not have done better. Kudos to him."

    I am in full agreement!


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