Friday, February 03, 2017

Something for Fanatic Friday fans ...


  1. "Oily, Slimy Bishop"

    This is fantastic Friday news! I trust in Divine Providence always when it comes to the much loved Bishop Robert Barron. God bless him and keep him safe and well!

    24 Atheists Impressed by Bishop Barron’s YouTube Interview

    What impresses me about Bishop Barron is his pressing onward (in joyful hope) in spreading the Good News despite the critical naysayers too busy pointing fingers rather than bringing Christ to their neighbor.

    I best get busy too then and stop pointing fingers myself but instead point towards heaven and what awaits for those who will believe in the Good News of Christ Jesus!

    God bless Bishop Barron and Papa Francis who called him inspired by the Holy Spirit!

    1. I bet you meant this comment for the other post - this one is Badger performing for Fanatic Friday. He's a rock star, you know.


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