Monday, January 30, 2017

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After the Grand Master, Another Head Is About To Fall: That of Cardinal Burke - Sandro Magister

Really?  I just think it's strange.  First when he was appointed Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta it was said this move was a demotion in retaliation and as some sort of punishment from Pope Francis.  Oddly enough, his removal from the Archdiocese of St. Louis was seen by some as a 'demotion by promotion' - to use Francis' terminology - by Pope Benedict because he may have been too conservative-strict about implementing Canon 915?  (I may have the details wrong but Burke people know what I'm talking about.)  So now, Magister seems to be suggesting Burke may be kicked out of college?

The stories are sounding more like a Dan Brown novel.

Someone needs to write a book, "Debunking the Burke Code"... or, "The Maltese Cardinal Code".

Monday Vatican has a more focused analysis on what's going on - and it is much more credible than Magister's take - without skimping on the intrigue which makes the affair so melodramatic.


  1. "After the Grand Master, Another Head Is About To Fall: That of Cardinal Burke - Sandro Magister"

    The gossip columnist is at it again,eh? Some call him the "bomb thrower" too. I don't believe his stuff for the most part as it reeks with slander and innuendo. That's what I get from his stuff anyway.

    As far as Burke goes, I read on the Vatican Insider that KofM "sources" claim Burke was the instigator of this whole affair and that our Holy Father is aware that Burke is untouchable and therefore cannot be removed cause if he is, his fans will call him a "martyr."

    I doubt Papa Francis wants to deal with that drama.

    The scandal! ;-)

    1. "Bomb thrower" is a good call.

    2. your post again. You warn of slander and innuendo in paragraph 2 but in paragraph 3.... you are not as careful when it comes to Burke. Satan loves these interpersonal turmoils because he can register check marks for both the good and bad. The Trump / media wars are producing constant fibbing on both sides. Each side gets tricked into sin.
      Groucho Marks ..." love goes out the door and innuendo".

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    4. Poor Cardinal Burke. I only mentioned what I unfortunately read elsewhere and then proceeded to peddle it here knowing full well what the consequences are.


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