Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump is banning Muslins - I'm against it.

I just ordered some.

In addition, he's going after migrants from specific countries.  For example:

Persian cats and Abyssinian cats are no longer allowed entry to the United States either.

Abyssinian stow-away.

Abyssinian origins.

Cats from Iran.

Cats are not the only ones singled out.  There is now talk that Chihuahuas will be deported as well - sent back to Mexico - even if they were born here.

I'm against it.


  1. The problem with the kitties is they'll shred the muslin cloths. And everyone's tired of the Chihuahua shilling for the taco stand.

    1. One very serious problem with taxing imports from Mexico to build the wall is that the price of tequila will go through the roof. I hear it on the news.

    2. I am against the Chihuahuas being barred from entering the USA just because they're Mexicanos! NO! NO! NO!
      Our witto perrito Chico would not be happy if were to be held up at the frontera just cause he's a Chihuahua. Heck, he was born here and like me is bilingual. That's good enough is it not?
      I love the picture so I stole it to use as inspiration.
      One more thing, all this talk of Tequila has me wanting a Margarita. I have been to a place in Pasadena that makes good Margaritas ... they have something like 20 flavors. The banana and mango Margaritas are delish. I am gonna have to get over there and have one ... maybe two. ^^

    3. A lotta people gonna stockpile tequila or switch to daiquiris.

    4. Yaya, I will join you for a lime margarita - extra salted rim, please!

  2. Haha. Thank you Terry for keeping your sense of humor. It is a powerful antidote for what is ailing us. Did you hear the one about Presidential portraits in to WH? Trump likes to contemplate greatness for inspiration. He is replacing them all with mirrors.

  3. President Trump has NOT banned all Muslims from entering America. Instead, he issued a 90 day suspension of visa entry to the USA for passports from the following 7 high-risk Middle East countries only; Iran, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Sudan.

    Exceptions are allowed on a case-by-case basis.

    To read the truth, see here;

    Don't trust the media e.g. NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN etc.

    1. Trump did not ban any countries with which he has business dealings. Of course, that is just a coincidence.

    2. The blog title reads, "Trump Is Banning Muslims". Of course, that's totally incorrect. He's temporarily suspended entry from 7 high risk Middle East countries, ones that just happen to be involved in terroristic intra-Islamic wars. Perhaps you didn't know that? Or maybe you're relying for your news from MSM sources?

    3. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding. I just heard on the radio, from a reliable news station,KABC Los Angeles, that those seven countries that President Trump has listed are the same countries obama had on his list. They also report that back in the fall of 2015, obama had issued an order to halt Iraqis refugees from entering the US for SIX months. Trump's is 90 days.
      Where's the outrage on the six months?

      Smh. ×_×

  4. The Top 10 countries with the highest Muslim population are as follows;

    1 - Indonesia 209m
    2 - India 176m
    3 - Pakistan 167m
    4 - Bangladesh 134m
    5 - Nigeria 77m
    6 - Egypt 76m
    7 - Iran 73m
    8 - Turkey 71m
    9 - Algeria 34m
    10 - Morocco 31m

    As anyone can see from the above list, only 1 of the top 10 countries (#7 - Iran) has had its immigration to he USA restricted, and only for 30 days! All of the 7 restricted countries are currently active participants in intra-Muslim wars.

    1. Sorry, above should read for 90 days .... darn typos!

    2. Actually the post says "Trump bans muslins" Muslin is a fabric and this post is not serious - but I like it that you think it is. Thanks!

    3. Another Emily Litella moment.

    4. Even if this post is not serious, I appreciate the fact that Mr. Dave Roberts backs up his post with facts. The hysterical (imo) protests can't be bothered to read beyond the distortion by the MSN nor do they want to.

      Looking forward to the silence and calm of the afternoon while sitting in the quiet of an empty church. ^^)

  5. It's funny. I read "Muslims" in the title too. When I saw the photo, my brain did a little flip. Good thing you didn't order an afghan......that would have brought out the kooks.

  6. Oh, no! Now I'll never get a Mexican Superman doll !


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