Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I thought of the final debate ...

Not much.

Although I think she won.


  1. The suit was a bit Dr Evil.

    1. Haha! True. I just thought of Benny Hinn immediately.

    2. I wonder what the suit went for. Anyway, I went to visit my niece tonight and she was watching the debate when I arrived. Needless to say I had to watch some of it before I tuned it out. She will defend Planned Parenthood 100%. She never could say the true words could she? "A woman's right to abort her child." She dressed it up as a "woman's right to healthcare/choice." Then Trump speaks the truth about how it is legal to abort an innocent baby up until one day before it is born and that is true. He went on to say, "he won't stand for it." I applaud him for that, at least he had the guts to say it on national TV. Some folks may not believe it, some bury their heads in the sand, some don't care and some will defend that as a "woman's right and that no government has a right to interfere."
      When she shrilled about that I thought, "wow ... I really hope people will consider their options carefully."
      She may be the more experienced of the two regarding politics but she has a slick husband and a bunch of slick hacks with millions of dollars to smear, crack, jack-up, ruin, hijack many folks.

      Poor Trump ... he may very well lose this election and it will be his own fault despite his many supporters. He should have done his homework, practiced, studied up more thoroughly on the issues of the day, less attacks on her, kept it about America and not about him.

      I told my sister-in-law we have our many hours of prayer coming up and not just for these two but for America, for the many wars, killings, and chaos
      that seem to be engulfing us more and more.

      If we just sit around and lament the "good ole days" we are gonna be railroaded left and right.

      Heaven help us!

    3. Typos

      *By "she" I meant Hilary.

      *She could not bring herself to say abortion. I have yet to hear her myself say, "a woman's right to abort her unborn child." Too ugly to say and I bet if she did, she would lose.

      So much is coming, I can't think anymore ...

  2. noyourethepuppet
    No YOU'RE The Puppet
    (oh where are Kukla Fran & Ollie when we need them. I feel like holding a blankie up to my face and sucking my thumb.)

    1. Consolata you are too funny. I suggest you and anyone else who wants to see the future read George Orwell. The Animal Farm and 1984 show us how far we have progressed to giving up liberty, self expression and independent thought. Both candidates in my opinion are puppets in a Punch and Judy show. Thank you for the laugh. We need laughs and prayers more then ever.

    2. Do you remember the movie, Fahrenheit 451 ? (NO those of you under 60, Not Fahrenheit 9/11). From Ray Bradury's book, published in 1953: movie came out '66, a friend and I skipped school to take a bus to downtown Albany NY to see it. We hid so we could watch it twice. (After that, as a double feature, since it was afternoon, "Under The Yum-Yum Tree" showed: one of us was shocked, the other very blase.)
      It is along the line, Wallace, of what you mention, and certainly I agree. It is not the future though, is it: it is now...
      I had to go to WikiWand for the dates: and enjoyed all of what is written there, from the First Line: " a dystopian novel..." !
      Such a great word ! Such great insights !
      And our world today: the great much is suspect. I am so emotionally, mentally confused so often, just naturally, that I fall into tears - it is too much, isn't it ? Then, to consider the Great deceptions: the Great indoctrinations we are subject to...on top of my own, our own failures to properly perceive what is right in front:
      "oh never mind" - I have long forgotten my own train of thought. What matters to me tonight: I have friends here ! its such a delight to read everyone's comments on Terry's openings !
      And I can hear the natural world outside my open window, listen to the university kids ambling by,on their way to & from the bars, Thursday night is when their weekend begins. There is wind and a little rain. I am enjoying peace.
      re: the candidates: I admit to being drawn into the conspiracies: hope it is not inapropriate to mention the site, about Hillary's possible Parkinson's: I figure who comes to read day-old comments ?
      Wallace isn't that a wonderful word for now: dystopian ?

  3. Fence San Diego

  4. When she gave Trump a couple of those. "Mean Wife," looks I thought..."Man, Bill has seen THAT a time or two...." I do think her mean look would be more formidable then Trump's blustering and preening when going up against ..well anyone. The abortion thing...people can't have em a day before birth, so his argument just looses all credibility...(not to mention he was all for em until he needed to "not" be..) He almost makes good arguments but then he always just takes it into cartoon-ville. I did love that he acted like there was going to be a death purge of the they were characters on a Friday the 13th movie.

    But on a more important note Cubs WIN!!!!

    1. She scares me. Those looks. Really.

  5. So here's what I really thought.

    I've already voted so it doesn't matter what I say.

    The abortion questions were direct and pointed, and for me it became the central moral question in the entire debate/presidential race. Chris Wallace did well - the candidates made their positions very clear - even though Clinton never used the word abortion. Trump was subdued but clear on what he thought about abortion - I'm not saying he was articulate - he wasn't - but he emphasized the killing of the unborn and nearly born child. He was clear about appointing Supreme Court judges who would be pro-life. Clinton was adamant that she would never go back, never relent, and appoint judges who would uphold Roe v. Wade and so on.

    The choice was clear.

    As Scripture tells us: "Choose life!"

    1. Appreciate your input, Terry. Window dressing the language of what abortion is and what the law allows is how the dems dance around the truth and lull folks into thinking "it's alright."

      I went to bed remembering this one warning to America, ‘Woe to you if you do not succeed in defending life’ Saint JPII August 1993

  6. It was again on display that Trump is mentally unstable. He is easy to goat and an be counted on to follow through with nothing. He is using the anti abortion position just like the other Republicians but do no follow up when given the opportunity. Where is in on other life issues? AWOL. Anyway he will get his 30% and will not be able to start WWIII. Now let's hope Hillary does not do it on his stead. Look for the Al Smith Dinner in the news tomorrow. I will be looking to see if there is evidence that this whole election has been contrived from the get go. There were reports that Bill and Donald held a private meeting the day before he announced. It would not surprise me at all. Meanwhile the NY Archdiocese will take in 5M tonight.


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