Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Venetian Sacristan ... tragic story ...

Death in Venice ...
Allow (Father) to say here that the sacristan at S. Zaccaria sets a new standard for being a total jerk. Italian sacristans can be extremely …. unhelpful. Not are they often among the most liturgically (etc.) ignorant of all carbon-based life forms, but they are also the most likely to share their witless and ill-informed opinions. In any event, the guy at S. Zaccaria is a first class ass. This is not the first time I’ve tried to deal with him. Also, some of the group I am with went by the church as the evening Mass was concluding, the minute the priest finished he started turning out lights and shooing with no regard to the people who were still praying etc. A couple even had to use the lights on their phones to get out without falling. In any event, the sacristan is world-class oaf. - Postcards from the edge.


  1. As someone who has witnessed the absolute douchbaggery of some Italian sacristans, I don't think you should mock the good Father's anger. Some of them are hateful little man bitches.

    1. Sorry - I just thought it was funny. Such trials and tribulations! Oh! The persecution! ;)


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