Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The North American Martyrs and bad sacristans ...

Today is their feast day.


The Iroquois and Mohawks were extremely …. unhelpful to the Jesuits.  Talk about inhospitable and just plain mean sacristans.  They were among the most liturgically (etc.) ignorant of all carbon-based life forms ... also the most likely to share their witless and ill-informed opinions ...


The Iroquois met Isaac Jogues near Lake George, 
stripped him naked, slashed him with their knives, 
beat him and then led him to the village. 
On 18 October, 1646, when entering a cabin he was 
struck with a tomahawk and afterwards decapitated.
 The head was fixed on the Palisades 
and the body thrown into the Mohawk.


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  2. I live three hours from Auriesville which is the shrine to these marytrs. The Jesuits explored and helped settle upstate and Western NY. Their legacy survives in many parishes, high schools and colleges in this area. It is good to be reminded of them today. Thanks Terry


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