Tuesday, February 09, 2016

This guy reminds me of our new pastor ...


I heard this song on a fitness ad and thought it was Kool and the Gang - I know!  I searched and searched, but no - it's a guy known as Thomas Rhett - the song: I Feel Good.  He reminds me of the new pastor at my parish ... maybe before his conversion ... kinda sorta.

 Of course it could be Badger too.   ;)

Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be funny.


  1. I feel good, today, can't nobody bring me down! Before I looked him up, I was willing to bet he was a "new country" artist. I like it.

    So your pastor wears headphones during Mass? That's one way to filter out the complainers.

    Beards are in apparent. Just one more sign of the end times. (did you say, PANTS?!)

    1. Ask your wife if he doesn't kind of look like you.

    2. All she would say is that for her to judge for herself I'd have to act out the video and sing the song. I declined due to no dancing allowed during Lent.

      I hope your pastor wasn't too offended when several parishioners emailed him your post and claimed you were harassing him.

      A guy at work always tells me I look like a tennis player, Stan Wawrinka. His full name is Stanislaus so I approve.

    3. Haha! She just wants to get you to dance. LOL!

      She knows I'm delusional, right?

    4. Wow - you do look like Stan. So anyway - I don't tell parishioners that I have a blog... I'd like to have a Catholic funeral.

    5. Oh! Oh! I'm sick of the song now. I played it over and over and its kind of annoying.

  2. The title reminds of a song from the 70s called "Feel too good." I assume it's about drugs, but I assume that about all songs. That and the length of the song.



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