Thursday, February 11, 2016

Our Lady of Lourdes

Thou art all fair O Mary
and the original stain
is not in thee.
O Mary
by thy holy and Immaculate Conception
make my body pure and my 
spirit holy.

I wish I could bi-locate to be at Lourdes today.  I'll pretend.


  1. girls were there and the candles smell heavenly. Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

  2. We are blessed in Monterey with her image inside the cathedral, to the right of the sanctuary, and outside in a grotto with the image of St Bernadette as well. Been to Guadalupe many times but not once to Lourdes: have to remedy that. Thanks, Terry, and Good Lent, Fr P

    1. I love Lourdes - I went there as a pilgrim - penniless as well. It was beautiful. I remember I wanted to eat french fries so badly. I enjoyed all the shop windows - and right on the main street I think it was, was the Poor Clare monastery chapel. It was a rainy wet morning and I recall smoke and fog and incense - or so it seemed to me. Someone gave me a little sweet roll. It was all very romantic, like a scene from Dickens. I visited on my way from Italy to Compostella - after that, headed to Fatima and returned to Lourdes on my way back to Assisi.


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