Thursday, February 11, 2016

The real point of Lent and all the advice you get online about eating Doritos if you are pregnant ... Or, Is Football a gay sport now?

I got nothin'.

Who cares?  No one cares.

So anyway...

Princeton football guy, Mason Darrow came out as openly homo before the big kick off.  Remember when they used to tell you that if you played sports or went to sports camp you wouldn't be gay?

Hindu Sadhus - holy men or ascetics - smear ashes upon themselves.
Cannabis is sort of a sacrament for them.
More information here.

Now, about your Lenten observance...

The ashes are off.  You got nothin'.

That's the way to go.  Pray as you can, stop judging, stop selfishly self- indulging, give to the poor and pray, pray, pray.  Avoid the Lenten novelties that make you feel good or make you feel you accomplished something.  Avoid flattery.  Avoid self-defensive, self righteous arguments and evangelical propaganda that shows how smart you are.

Fail.  It's good to fail.

Lose.  It's good to lose.

If they take your tunic, let them have your coat as well.

It's all good.

What if you read every piece of advice online - including from me - it's too much information.  It has to be overload.  People online just keep writing this pious crap.  It's all mushed up.  Why?

Give it up for Lent.

Throw your electronics in the mud.

Dash your stat counter, your followers app.

It's not real life...


Turn off your locutions and sit alone and in silence.

(Pay no attention to me either.  I had nothing to blog about anyway.  Losing interest fast.)

Song for this post here.


  1. could post a selfie on Facebook with ashes on your forehead. Really?...

    1. I haven't allowed photos of myself for years. As I like to explain to the curious ones - since the accident. (Getting old.)

  2. Is football gay.... NOW? BWAHAHA! I think Lady Gaga belting out that National Anthem like there is no tomorrow sealed the deal. The Mo's aren't content with decorating now they have taken over America's Game!! (Not that I would have a chance in hell but If only Tom Brady, if only....)

    Good advice on not listening to advice...but a piece of advice, do not throw your devices in the the heck are you going to see all the really, really, really fun things your friends do on the weekends??? You might miss a picture of what I ate last night, or my check ins or pics of my dog, or your friends political memes..yea, okay go ahead and throw em!

    Hope you are doing okay, and your friend (from the post last week) is doing okay also.

    1. Haha! I only have a lap top - isn't that weird? If I had other devices - I would probably do better on Etsy - you need a phone to use the apps. I still have a landline and that's it.

      My priest friend is away - so I haven't heard anything. I'm sure he will do well however. I thought about what I wrote - edited it somewhat - and still may do a post on it - but these things which seem so sad are really quite good.

  3. "Cannabis is sort of a sacrament" True.

    1. Wouldn't it make fasting more difficult though?

    2. Good point.... I've been told the affect on appetite differs from person to person. The True Believers, numbered at 144,000, do not get the munchies, I'm certain of it.

  4. Please do not stop blogging. .yours is the only place I can get music and art along with the commentary. .


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