Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Devotions for Pets on Ash Wednesday ...

Cat with ash marking.  The dog head is to remind him of death.
Like the holy cards of St. Francis shown with a skull.
This cat is very strict.

Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation, so the reception of ashes for pets is optional - very devout cats usually do something however.

Although they do not have to fast - they should abstain from meat and content themselves with fish.

No catnip today either, hon.


  1. This cat MUST be devout, I see no resemblance to "grumpy cat."

  2. Hildegard has reminded me that she is too young to be bound by abstinence and fasting rules.

  3. Perhaps the persistence of the black marking: it is from one of the Thorns from Christ's Crown of Thorns. This is a stigmatic cat.
    My cat turned 10 recently, so she will only eat duck for lent. pate'. She is very sad about it.

  4. Misha thinks only of herself. I'll be fasting on her behalf.


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