Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Woman complains her clinic didn't offer burial/cremation services for her aborted baby - then complains when they sent a sympathy card with ultra sound pictures of her baby...

Sympathy card.
“Your little one is sleeping soundly. 
Your little one sleeps upon a cloud drifting high above. 
And gently dreams of peaceful things surrounded by your love.”

The world has gone nuts.

I totally do not get this story.  The mother willingly goes to a clinic to have her baby disposed of - would like to have a funeral for the aborted child ... the clinic didn't provide for that.  Woman complains - she doesn't even know what her baby looked like.  The clinic sends a sympathy card with ultra sound images.  Woman is devastated.

In June, 29-year-old Nicky Windsor had an abortion at the Conifer House clinic in England. Then, after the procedure, the clinic sent her a sympathy card that read, “Your little one is sleeping soundly. Your little one sleeps upon a cloud drifting high above. And gently dreams of peaceful things surrounded by your love.” Shockingly, the card came with two ultrasound pictures of her unborn baby. 
The Daily Mail reports that Windsor believes the clinic sent the sympathy card as an apology after she complained to their staff for not offering her a single burial for her aborted baby. However, the card had the opposite effect and devastated Windsor. She explained, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s absolutely disgraceful. I’ve never known anything like it. What were they trying to do to me? Why on earth would I want scan pictures? Going through a procedure like that is traumatic enough so to have it all brought back to me in the way that they did was absolutely shocking.”
She added, “When I first got the card I thought it was a nice gesture but when I opened it up and saw two baby scans it absolutely shattered me. It was just an awful feeling. It felt as if I had to go through the loss all over again.”
She concluded, “Since then I’ve kept thinking of myself holding the baby but when I look down time I can’t see a face – it’s just nothing. How is it right that they can do that to me? Someone could have got seriously depressed after something like this, it’s sick.” - LifeNews

Loss?  She was devastated?  Can't see a face?  How is it right they can do that to you?  Someone could get depressed?  It's sick?


Melvin Udall when asked, “how do you write women so well?”


  1. Poor woman but every action has its consequences. I wonder if she would have been "devastated" into saying no had they showed her those ultrasound pictures beforehand?

    And what's this about a burial for her aborted baby? Does that mean she knew exactly what she was doing?

  2. Wow! It looks like...a...human being!

    You think women are irrational and unaccountable? Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin... Hmm. Can't think of anything done by a woman on that scale.

    1. Sorry - it's the situation that gets me. Then the mother says - "How is it right that they can do that to me?" About the sympathy card - yet she let them kill her baby. She participated. She knew she was killing a baby - her baby. The quote from Nicholson's character could not be more appropriate.

    2. We don't want to be made to confront our crimes. She sounds narcissistic. "How dare you disturb my peace with the truth?"


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