Thursday, October 08, 2015

Our Lady of Good Remedy

O Mother of the Divine Redeemer, who under the title of Our Lady of Good Remedy 

comes to the aid of all who call upon thee, 

extend thy maternal protection to us. 

We depend on thee, Dear Mother, 

as helpless and needy children depend on a tender and caring mother.

October 8 is the feast of Our Lady of Good Remedy.

800 years ago Christians were being captured and sold into slavery by Muslims, and nobody knew what to do about it. Then, in the year 1198, a man had an idea. St. John of Matha founded the Trinitarians to go to the slave markets, buy the Christian slaves back and set them free. To carry out this plan, the Trinitarians needed large amounts of money. So, they placed their fund-raising efforts under the patronage of Mary. They were so successful at that, over the centuries, the Trinitarians were able to free thousands and thousands of people and to return them safely home. In gratitude for her miraculous assistance, St. John of Matha honored Mary with the title of "Our Lady of Good Remedy." Devotion to Mary under this ancient title is widely known in Europe and Latin America, and the Church celebrates her feast day on October 8.

Pray for the Christians suffering under ISIS, those threatened, those enslaved and those tortured and killed.

Recent reports tell of eleven Syrian Christians who were killed by beheading and crucifixion near Syria's war-torn city of Aleppo after they refused to deny their faith in Jesus Christ. Among them, the 12-year-old son of "a ministry team leader" was mutilated and crucified.  The women raped in front of onlookers.

We need to do something.  At least turn to Our Lady in prayer - especially the prayers of the Holy Rosary.  Perhaps the Holy Father and the bishops will call for at least a rosary crusade to counter Islamic extremists.

Prayers to Our Lady for Syria

Intercede for Syria, O Our Lady, in this grave hour when from all around blow furious winds, bringing cries of death against Your Son and against civilization founded on His teachings, deceiving minds, perverting hearts and lighting the fires of hatred and revolution in the world. Help of Christians, pray for us!
Intercede for Syria, Our Lady, in this troubled hour when the unclean waves of an open immorality, which has even lost the notion of sin, exalt the rehabilitation of the flesh in the face of the very Cross of Your Son, threatening to choke in this world the lily of virtue nourished by the Eucharistic blood of Jesus. Virgin most powerful, pray for us!...
Intercede for Syria, Our Lady, in this hour of passions and doubts when even the good run the risk of being lost…Unite all the Syrian peoples around Your Son in the love of the Church and the cultivation of virtue, in respect for order and fraternal charity. Queen of Peace, pray for us! - Excerpt from the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Syrian Bishops 2012


  1. I pray for them constantly. I just cannot imagine being held captive like that, or having a loved one held and abused would be even worse. This post reminded me of this:

    1. Me too. The stories are so tragic.

    2. "Perhaps the Holy Father and the bishops will call for at least a rosary crusade to counter Islamic extremists"

      That would be so edifying to see and to participate in. If a large prayer gathering could be called again like the one that was organized when Obama was planning to bomb Syria, the Holy Father and the bishops would show our suffering brothers and sisters we have not forgotten them.

      I am going to print up your prayer and picture of our Lady and pray for them.



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