Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday Detention ... Nuts?

Alert the media!

I found the funniest blog ever.

I'm serious.  It is titled, Priests Have Become Cesspools of Impurity.  Whoever writes it uses laugh out loud gifs and takes slams at the Holy Catholic Blogosphere - ho holds barred.  I don't know the guy's name - but I think we could be friends.  Haha!  He takes down Barnhardt and Skojec and Voris and Matt like no one's business.  The author is SSPX - I think - and devoted to Our Lady of LaSalette.   That combo should maybe be taken as a sort of warning.  The Messages of La Salette  are more mythologized than the contemporary Fatima Secret inventions, and the one seer, Melanie Calvat, who was at least a melancholic towards the end her life, may not have been all that reliable.

That said, it's the funniest religious blog ever.

His Ann Barnhardt commentary is the funniest stuff I've read in a long time.  (Aside from her stuff.)  Here's one from July:
Ann Barnhardt Is Being Passed Around Like A Two Dollar Whore.......
Her first love was GaryVoris 
Then Gary passed her off to Steve Skojec of 1p5
Steve then handed her off to Patrick Archbold of CMR. - PHBCI

Now that's funny.

Seriously - again: Two things I did not know before reading some posts on the site:

  • Michael Voris' first name is Gary.  

  • Ann Barnhardt has a stalker who likes Mr. Drysdale from the Beverly Hillbillies.  (No - not me - I'm a fan of his wife, Margaret.)

The blogger comes off a little judgmental - but don't we all.  The Catholic Blogosphere is an insane asylum to some extent.  We all blog our thoughts and think everyone else is nuts except ourselves.  Someone is out there always ready to contradict us - that is, if they even pay attention to us.  And we want attention - that's why we are online.  Yes it is.

Scary.  Pouring out your life blood online ... maligning one another, speaking against everyone who disagrees with us.  Insisting we are right.  Boasting we're not like that Publican or tax collector.  Admitting we are sinners and praising ourselves for our conversions and thanking God we're not as bad as that jerk over there.

That's comedic.

Stay away from visionaries...
especially the followers of 
fake prophecies.
Just saying.


  1. It seems he doesn't like anyone - including Mark Shea.

    1. I wonder if he'll like me?

    2. He'll love you, Ter - just like everyone does!

  2. At least he is not afraid to tell the truth of most of these Katholic Krazies being hypocrites and Judases of the Church. Most people give them a blind eye or support them as "Justice" fighters. They only cause division and wounds to Christ's Church.

    1. True - but they're all pretty Katholic Krazie.

  3. Priests...Cesspools of Impurity....How did he KNOW!?


    1. How did he know? I blame Melanie Cavat and Clemens Brentano who wrote the Anna Katherine Emmerich Story.

      What? ;)

  4. I don't think you're "krazy", Terry. I just don't always relate to your sense of humor. Maybe it's a guy thing.

    1. Sometimes I think if I was crazy I'd at least be less culpable. God have mercy.


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