Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Oh, a storm is threat'ning ...

My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away...

Jerry Brown once worked with M. Teresa.
Changed his life, he said.

Speculative spittle-flecked-nutties over the Synod is simply a diversion from real life.

You want something to worry about?  I'll give you something to worry about.
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a dangerous bill today to make the state the 4th to legalize assisted suicide, following Oregon, Washington and Vermont.

In his signing message, Brown said he signed the bill because he wouldn’t want to be in pain in his final days — regardless of the fact that pain relief is readily available without killing patients. - Source

Storms and earthquakes forecast for October.

It's so strange how news items like legalizing assisted suicide can be taken in stride.  The recent murders in Oregon - I heard it on the news, and pretty much took it for granted.  In Minnesota it seems there is a shooting or knifing nearly every day - a murder every week or so.  Last I heard Minneapolis has had 35 murders so far this year.  Domestic abuse can be deadly.  What did Mother Teresa say about a country which permits mothers to kill their child in the womb?

One doesn't have to be a prophet to know a storm is threatening.  A 1000 year flood on the East Coast?  I bet that confirmed a lot of prophecies, huh?

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  2. Typos plus no edit button~~

    Not at all strange from the way I've been thinking and from what has come about. After the "gay priest" scandal and how he himself gave rise to it, I began to think about this:

    He will become the darling of the media and homosexual lobby the world over. Many will be distracted if not are already. A temporary escape into the pleasures of rebellion, vanity, and self importance. I see this happening over and over while the real world burns.

    In the meantime, the world is nearing a complete break from what is good on a grand scale. Russia is bombing Syria while Assad says "they must succeed or Syria is lost." Sadly, I think she is already lost. Those beautiful ruins in Palmyra are being decimated to dust. The Romans must have had a beautiful city in the ancient world. I know there were other cultures among them from what I have read. What a grand place it must have been.

    The refugees continue to flood into Europe as others are or may soon be slaughtered again as ISIS continues to gain more ground and more people. The media barely whispers a word about it since it's all about Bruce Caitlyn Jenner and that homosexual priest from Rome and his "demands" the Bride of Christ change her ways."

    And now ... Governor Moonbeam, has signed the death bill into law here in the beautiful state of California, home to so many beautiful missions founded by St. Junipero Serra. Now, once again, death comes in the form of a law that gives folks the "right" of terminating themselves as if they alone are the authors of the life that was willed into being by the Merciful Lord..

    I remember reading somewhere, a while back, that man, playing God, would be the ultimate offense against the Lord of Life and that he would have no other option but to take action.

    Despite hope, that whispers above the confused agitated clamor, has he not begun to do just that?

    What do I know anyway, Terry? I'm just sharing some reflections with you. Glad to do so and thanks. <3

    1. Thanks - I agree with you.


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