Saturday, February 14, 2015

I think we may need a little bit more formality...

A newly-created cardinal kneels before the Pope at St Peter's in the Vatican. 
In this great shot, you can see the train of the cappa flowing down the steps. 
The Pope imposes the cardinal's galero on his head, 
covered with the cappa's hood. Circa 1960. - Source

The sense of the sacred is otherwise diminished.

I don't really care very much what the pope and the cardinals do or discuss at their consistories - especially as it concerns curial reform and all of that.  I don't have a need to know all the intrigue and politics that goes on.  I don't care that an American wasn't made a cardinal, or this and that one was snubbed, and so on.  All of that 'stuff' is unedifying to me.

Likewise, the lack of formalism - especially the disdain for it - is unedifying as well.

I know Cardinal Burke seemingly goes everywhere in pontificals, and I understand because of that, many people make fun of him.  The disrespect contributes to the erosion of reverence and respect due to the hierarchy.  I know because I've joked about the cappa and choir vesture myself.  Lately I've noted I have a hard time taking it seriously, and when I see photos of this or that prelate - in choir vesture or not, I sense an initial interior inclination to scoff.  I try to mortify the suggestion of course, but it is difficult to avoid the critical spirit when so much is published.

Just thinking out loud here.

BTW:  Pope Francis gave red hats to 20 new Cardinals today.  He instructed them beautifully:
In his homily, Francis reminded his newest collaborators that being a cardinal isn't a prize or fancy entitlement, but rather a way to serve the church better in humility and tenderness.
He warned them that not even churchmen are immune from the temptation to be jealous, angry or proud, or to pursue their own self-interest, even when "cloaked in noble appearances." - AP

 "Don't dress down for the poor, they won't respect you for it."  - Imelda Marcos


  1. All that is just weird. It makes the Church look stuck in the middle ages..why the middle ages..what was so great with that? Why be stuck in any time frame?

    Happy Valentine's Day Terry!

    1. Thanks Mack - happy Valentines to you too.


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