Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blame the Masons

The 3D model of a Masonic lodge interior

I came across a photo of a Masonic Lodge and decided to search Google for more examples of Masonic temple interiors.  It became obvious to me why some people insist the Novus Ordo and the renovation of the sanctuary in many Catholic churches is Masonic.  I knew that, but never thought much about it since Jewish synagogues are somewhat similar as well.  In fact many religions have a similar 'floor plan'.  Indeed, many medieval Catholic cathedrals are said to be modeled after the original temple in Jerusalem... constructed by stone masons.  Nothing new there, but just for fun, I thought I'd post a few more Masonic photos for my conspiracy theorist readers.

Traditional Masonic Lodge interior.

Doesn't this remind you of how people
who may not be able to receive Communion
go up for a blessing?

Scottish Rite Temple.
That looks exactly like a monastic church.
But it isn't.

Look at the arrangement at the UN.
It looks exactly like a Masonic temple.
It isn't.

I found this under "Jesuit Vatican" 
- note the set up is very similar 
to the Masonic Lodge.
But it isn't.

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  1. This guy looks like a Catholic, is called a Mason, but is actually a Jew.


    My God you're right! It is a conspiracy!!!


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