Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thinking of St. Bernadette

I think the sanctity of St. Bernadette is very often underestimated.  I also think those who portray her in the newest plays and films misinterpret/misrepresent her - much in the same way as the film "Therese" overly romanticized the life of St. Therese.

I also think there are many similarities between St. Bernadette and St. Catherine Laboure.  I think they were very simple, practical and uncomplicated - and excellent examples of the 'little way' of St. Therese, before she conceived of it as a sort of 'doctrine'.

I also think that if we want to know what the Blessed Virgin was like when she lived on earth, we should study the life of St. Bernadette and St. Catherine - and St. Therese.

As for those who claim to see or hear Our Lady today - maybe not so much.  In fact their lives may be the best way to discern if their supernatural experiences are worthy of belief.

Just a thought.

I may be wrong.



Don't listen to me.


  1. Fr Price, the co-founder of Maryknoll, was so entranced with St Bernadette he used to call himself "Fr Bernadette." If I am not mistaken he had his heart cut out after his death and sent to Lourdes. All one has to do is read accounts of her being interviewed by the pious, especially the scene where some thuggish Monsignor asked her repeatedly for the Rosary she held during the apparitions. Finally with tears she handed it over. When the French are good, they're very, very good... I ask her intercession every day of my life. Thanks for posting this, Terry.

  2. The comparison between Our Lady to Bernadette has an unstated suggestion that Out Lady wasn't particularly bright. What an intriguing thought -- that the Holy Spirit would overshadow a girl with ordinary (or less) IQ. As if Out Lord loves ordinary people and that why He made so many of them (us).

    1. Not at all. All of these had keen intelligence. Our Lady is the Seat of Wisdom. We measure intelligence by academic standards. Heaven does not. Recall how St. Thomas said all he had written is straw. The Blessed Virgin, and those in her train, confound the proud, and terrify the demons. Bernadette knew more than all who taught her, hence her humble submission. How much more the Blessed Virgin.

      We, the ordinary, often aspire to the glamour, the exalted, albeit the worldly honors we have been convinced are important - that is not the goal of ordinary life, of ordinary holiness. That is why some simple little old lady who touches statues in church and prays the rosary incessantly is more like the BVM than any of us. That is why our Lord pointed out the poor widow who gave all she had - he always pointed to Our Lady as the model of holiness.


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