Monday, February 09, 2015

The 2015 Grammys


The highway to hell is wide, and many choose to travel it.

I only watched the beginning of the show.

AC/DC opened.  They did Highway to Hell and the audience wore horns.  It seemed appropriate.

The music pretty much stays the same.

What was Prince wearing?

And Madonna?

Everyone is a star.

Then I watched Downton.  Crazy Edith took off with her kid.  So pathetic.

Grantchester is a much better show.  It was all about queers last night.




  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Lacrae was a beam of light in that dark room. I dropped out of Grammy viewing a long time ago. YouTube filled me in where I wanted filling in. To wit - Lacrae.

  2. I only watched it for 1 or 2 minutes while my mom had it on flipping the channels. What comes on? A disgusting piece by Sia - Chandelier with a young (pre- ???) teenage girl and the artist(?) in Lady Gaga blong wigs with skin colour bodysuit and doing stupid modern dance. I'd swear Lady Gaga was her idol. It disgusted me highly. What is she trying to do, create sexual predators out of the audience on television? Show the audience soft core pornography live? That poor girl, she'll likely end up with something from that, or fall victim to the radicalist, anti-heterosexual movement herself. Artists should not have the liberty to involve children like that and damage their psyche, regardless if the minor has "declared" their sexuality. But no surprise, Sia is either lesbian/bisexual according to Wikipedia under "personal life" in discussing an interview she gave.

  3. That old hag is still showing her ass? I was watching The Walking Dead but who knew I could get the same effect watching the Grammys..Only the walkers have the good sense to stay clothed.


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