Sunday, February 15, 2015

There you go ~n from San Francisco ...

Fr. Z just posted a milestone - so what's the big deal?  Ask him.

I noted a week or so ago that Fr. Z has a lot of hits - because his site meter was clicking a new reader every second - or less.  And someone got mad at me.  I wasn't being at all critical of Fr. Z - simply remarking on how incredibly popular he is and he has no one sponsoring/promoting him.  His blog is a totally independent entity.

Today Father noted a new milestone.  Congratulations.

BTW - the other day I was reading something at his site and once again noted the site meter whirling.  I watched it for a minute or so - guess which were the most popular posts readers were searching/clicking on?  Mostly Ash Wednesday stuff, such as: "Can lay people distribute ashes?"  "Should infants get ashes?"  "Can my cat get ashes?"  I made the last one up.

So anyway - Fr. Z has to be the most influential Catholic priest blogger in the world... He's the go-to priest for rubrics!


  1. Thanks, Terry. You've given me an idea for tomorrow's post.

    1. You're welcome Larry - I'm always at your service first, and then Badger's.


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