Wednesday, February 11, 2015



I've been going through and deleting negative posts - mostly about priests and bishops - especially as they concern scandal.  It's difficult to recall everything I've written.  Going through the archives takes time and is rather tedious.  Perhaps it can be a Lenten exercise?  I actually cringe at some of the titles of my posts and the subjects I've addressed - so far outside my competence.  I've written pompous, judgemental and outrageous posts just as bad as bloggers I've often criticized have done.

Who do I think I am?  (That guy in the photo?)

Song for this post here.


  1. Oh no, it sounds like you've probably deleted some of my snarky comments when you erased those posts. Bummer.

    That's ok, when I die I'm sure God will remind me of what I wrote.

  2. Aw Terry I wish you had not. Sadly it seems the Internet is the only recourse we lay people have to tell priests and such to toe the line, when the hierarchy will not listen to us, and despite our prayers it Seems Christ is content to let these men ruin parishes and lives of the faithful. they seem to ignore you no matter how right and holy you are and do whatever is best in their minds (re: liberal). They need to know what keeps us in the Church, or at the very least convinces us to open our pocketbooks.

    1. If, as you say, Christ is content...shouldn't you be?

  3. Acts of Humility. Good for you.


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