Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Something to think about ...

"Where are apologists of our days, who would announce to men in a clear and comprehensible manner the threat of the risk of loss of faith and salvation?" - Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga
One can observe at all levels of the Church an obvious decrease of the “sacrum”. The “spirit of the world” feeds the shepherds. The sinners give the Church the instructions for how she has to serve them. In their embarrassment the Pastors are silent on the current problems and abandon the sheep while they are feeding themselves. The world is tempted by the devil and opposes the doctrine of Christ. Nevertheless the Pastors are obliged to teach the whole truth about God and men “in season and out”. - Reflections on some current problems of the crisis of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga. Taken from Rorate Caeli.


  1. It's over for the Church in the West. It seems to be alive and relatively well in Africa and Asia, but it has lost all moral credibility in the States and in Europe as a result of the child sexual abuse scandal. Bishops open their mouths, but all that comes out is noise that no one pays any attention to anymore except for the dwindling devout. It saddens me to say this, but I think it's true. He says the pastors are silent on current problems. No, they're not, but they need to be. They need to shut up. The only thing left that has any chance of being effective is the St. Francis of Assisi method: preach through actions, not words.

    1. Sad to say, it seems to be true.


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