Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random post.

Random photo.

I looked away from the screen and pointed the cursor onto my photo file and this is the image it landed on.

I decided this is how I will blog from now on - the random photo will determine the subject of the post...  So.

Designer luggage.

Looks as if I'm 'called' to write a post on the necessity of designer luggage when flying.

First:  Do not go to the airport with this type of luggage - otherwise you will be bumped from the flight as these people obviously were.  I'm surprised they even got through TSA screening with this amount of carry on.  It's just too tacky for air travel.  Obviously these travellers are trying to return home after being turned away by the flight attendant, and they appear to be waiting for a taxi.

Second:  Too many carry ons.  These people obviously ignored airline policy.  One carry on designer bag or check it.

Third: Designer luggage guarantees better service - even if you are shabbily dressed like the riff-raff in the photo.  Louis Vuitton can get you an extra bag of nuts, or another drink.

Style - you either got it or you don't.


  1. I'm thinking a good pair of snug form fitting jeans and a good bra, well, it works every time. One must look clean and smell clean too.
    Designer luggage? Never bothered as long as I followed through with the other stuff.

    Too funny with lots of amusing memories. ^^

  2. Form fitting jeans would get me a spot in the baggage compartment. They would mistake me for a very large duffle bag. LOL!

  3. This morning as I was walking to Trader Joe's, I was passed by two tourists on their way to the Metro, pulling their rolling luggage behind them, and it occurred to me that there is an entire generation that has no concept of a suitcase without wheels.

  4. You mean this isn't the way you have always been blogging, lol! :)

    1. You and Larry are the only reason I keep blogging.

    2. In the words of the great 6th century mystic St. Pumpernickel; on bloggers:

      "Their unjust activity is set down here, For they have destroyed the things which thou hast made. According to Jerome; For they have destroyed the laws which you have made: Isaiah 48:8: I know that transgressing thou wilt transgress, and I have called thee a transgressor from the womb; blog to your everlasting shame."

    3. Now I really feel condemned.

    4. As we all are, haha.


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