Sunday, July 13, 2014

What if Jerry Falwell was right? Teletubby viewers are in their late teens to early twenties now.*

How the Q found it's way onto the LGBT.

Think about it.  The mass hypnosis of young children parked in front of the television watching Tinky Winky with that purse.  It was definitely queer.  Falwell got the gay part wrong, Tinky Winky wasn't at all a homosexual role model.  Tinky and the rest were queer.  Teletubbies opened the way for queer - genderqueer.  An entire generation - and their older siblings - were brainwashed.

That said, did you know that in June 2014 the BBC announced a new 60-episode series of Teletubbies will be aired?  I wonder why?

What's so scary about this post 
is that you are not sure if I am serious or not...

*Actually I'm just a little bit older than that.  But I was definitely influenced by the Teletubbies.  I began experimenting with bright colors in my design schemes, and fell in love with bright green landscapes against a sunny blue sky in my secret paintings and I started to wear fleece.


  1. Actually, Jerry Falwell was repeating what the gays were saying. A washington post in/out column reported that Ellen DeGeneres was out as the gay rep and Tinky Winky was in. Also, cultural critic Andy Medhurst in a letter in The Face said T-W was a gay symbol. So Falwell was picking up on what was already being reported. And then they lambasted him. So typical of the left. Anyway, Wiki has a little about the controversy.

  2. Thanks Mary Ann - and thanks for the prayers!

    I do know all of that BTW. Thanks. I do think it contributed more to the genderqueer thing than gay however.

  3. I really don't understand the difference. Is "genderqueer" just anything goes? Whatever you feel like today, you're in fluid motion? And gay is...what? Same-sex attraction? I find the whole thing just bizarre -- talk about the smoke of Satan! Confusion is his hallmark.

    1. Remember the Google list of identities? It's like that.

    2. Or was it Facebook identities? Anyway - I post on the developments from time to time.

  4. Po was my favorite tubbie.
    I always thought of Tinky Winky as the slow tubbie, a little developmentally behind. That's why he was so much bigger, as if he was held back a grade. Since all of the tubbies were based on typical children, it made sense to include one with a disability.
    As for the bag, all the tubbies, like most small children, had a favorite item. For Laa Laa it was her ball, Po her scooter, Dipsy his hat, and Tinky Winky his bag. A handbag is a magical thing to a child. We didn't dare touch Mom's, but Grandma's always held sticks of gum and shiny pennies in a black coin purse.
    Or maybe he was just imitating the Queen.

    Besides, didn't Bert and Ernie start it all?

    1. I forgot about Burt and Ernie!

      I watched Teletubbies for the rabbits.

      It was a very weird program and actually fascinated me.


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