Friday, July 18, 2014

Decimating Gaza

Stop.  Pray.  Fast.
In an interview with Vatican Radio, Father Cornioli said that Pope Francis’s message had given Christians in Gaza fresh courage and hope.  At the same time he said the casualties are mounting as a result of the ground and air offensive with many wounded arriving in Gaza’s hospitals and the medical staff are struggling to cope with the influx.  The priest urged the international community to do all in their power to help stop “this massacre.” - Vatican Radio

At what point do we call it genocide?

The origins of traumatic stress disorder.
Meanwhile, for several days now, the Sisters of Mother Teresa and the 28 disabled children and 9 elderly people in their care have taken refuge in the parish. It is expected that they will remain in Gaza together with the parish priest Father Jorge Hernandez. 
Father Jorge reports that the “crimes are multiplying. The smaller children are beginning to get sick from fear, stress, the blasts, the continuous din. The parents are going to incredible lengths to distract them so that the violence does not overwhelm them, like playing and jumping every time they hear an explosion, dancing or simply hugging them and holding their hands over their ears.” - CNEWA


  1. More by day. Ukraine, Mosul, Gaza...many areas, more death, persecution. When will it end? Last night there were some very tiny thoughts and feelings that crossed my mind, entered my heart and I knew that if I gave into them, I would despair, I would lose faith, I would no longer believe. It seemed easier to me to just close everything off, to no longer care, to stop praying.

    One thought was strong..."what's the point of believing any more?"

    I'm struggling now...please pray for me.

  2. The United States must not give another dime to a country that practices apartheid. My son-in-law is Jewish and I was initially hesitant to share my views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but I was relieved to learn that he and his entire immediate family have long condemned the actions of Israel. He told me that many moderate Jews have left Israel because of right-wing extremists who think like the current PM does. He told me that he doesn't think another moderate like Rabin or Peres could get elected as PM again. And that leaves little hope that any measure of relief is in store for the Palestinians. Gaza is an open-air gulag and I tell you that if any other country aside from Israel oppressed another group of people like this sanctions would have been implemented long ago. The tragic bombing of the Malaysian airliner has plunged the plight of the Palestinians back into darkness. So what if Israel gives Gaza a warning before it drops its American-made bombs on civilians. They don't have bomb shelters in which to seek refuge. What happened to the 4 little boys playing on the beach a few days ago is symbolic of the entire conflict - morally incomprehensible and completely without justification. I shudder to think how we will answer Him if God demands an account of our inaction.

  3. The bombings are not the only thing worrying the small Christian community in Gaza, Father Hernandez said. read more

    I have a friend in Tel Aviv who also has relatives in Ashdod. Charity and prayers will help us for more wisdom and truth in this matter.

  4. When the people of Gaza love their children more than they hate Jews there will be peace.


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