Friday, July 18, 2014

A sampling of nearly unbelievable comments from the Unam Sanctam Catholic blogosterium.

I see the pope his sacred trust betray,
For while the rich his grace can gain alway,
His favors from the poor are aye withholden...

Catholic blogs sounding a bit like Novus Ordo Watch.
"We have a duty to preserve the vocation of a Pope, most especially when a current occupant wants to turn it into the adventures of Forest Gump."
Advising the pope.
"He’s (Francis) got a priority problem.
And we the Church have a pope problem.
Some people don’t want to say what needs saying, but it’s the truth. We have a pope problem.
It’s an easy fix, just STOP giving off the cuff interviews/non-interviews. Stick to pre-written statements that the Vatican has looked over to make sure there will be NO chaos or confusion. That way we won't have to wait days for the Vatican to explain what the pope MEANT rather than what he said."

From a combox:
 "I do not think that you all understand that YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOW IS TO PROTECT THE TRUTH OF TEACHING OF JESUS.... You you, lay bloggers give up, what poor Christians are going to do ? Priest are too afraid... ONLY YOU HAVE POWER TO STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH !!!! You are needed even MORE THAN BEFORE... Courage!"
"he is, sorry to say, an anti-pope. The true pope was cleverly removed from his rightful THRONE... Benedict XVI still wears white... it speaks VOLUMES... It is better to know the horrible truth, than be constantly frustrated. Get ready for a very bumpy ride.. "

Burt and Marge have been shaken by it all.
"We dropped out of RCIA."


  1. Terry, you mean like the guy who claims that "only those whose eyes are opened by grace" know that Francis is "a new Masonic Pope imbued with Italian and humanitarian principles to corrupt the Church from within"?


    1. LOL! I missed that one.

    2. Yes, he fully believes that Pope Francis is the precursor to the Antichrist. Only he and other reactionary Catholics - I can't in good conscience lump those people in with decent, faithful Traditionalists - have the grace to see that.

      Pride goeth before a fall, no?

  2. Replies
    1. Especially the third one.

  3. I think the real cause for alarm is that Pope Francis is not an empirical materialist (ala capitalist) nor can his comments be whitewashed to look like "he really is, just his advisers add things to his text" as they did with Benedict. The same people who think they are the CDF have little to no theological training, and completely misconstrue statements both ancient and modern. Anachronistic equivocation.

  4. Sometimes an experience can flush out some imperfection we didn't realize we had. Once it is visible to a soul, they can choose to continue as is, or make changes. God seems to have a sense of humor. We all know that if we pray for patience we better be prepared for a whole lot to go wrong. Such is God's practice field.

    Likewise, we Catholics can get too comfortable with the gifts of one pastor, or bishop, or pope. When a change of guard happens some of us want to stay in that comfort zone. But God knows where our deficiencies lie. So, God throws a curve ball.

    Two things happen: We take notice that something has changed and we either shift gears; or we dig in.

    Some think it's wrong to shift gears because we were doing just fine; others think it's great.

    In the end, what matters not that the gears changed but how we respond to it. That's what God is watching.

    What we are witnessing in those comments is the panic associated with people who want control, rather than allowing God to drive His own bus.

    It wasn't that long ago most people in Italy didn't know what the pope said or did with the exception of a few events. If modern communications had been around back 100 years ago, I suspect we might be aware of things that might out certain blogs and combox warriors into a grand mal seizure.

    Pray for them.

  5. Actually, I rather liked the Forest Gump analogy, although personally I prefer Chauncey Gardiner...

    Hopefully, that shows that although I don't really like this pope and have some grave doubts about his leadership, I refuse to lose my sense of humor. You can get a lot farther with that than with being angry all the time.

    As you so often and so brilliantly show!

  6. What massive pride the Greatest Catholics of All Time manifest. Towering, pharisaic arrogance. They talk as though the Church has no Savior but them.


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