Saturday, July 12, 2014

Poodles and profile photos ...

I'm pro-file.


A fluffier blog.

This photo of Paris Poodle Madeleine is my favorite style of poodle.  Is that the right way of saying that?  I like the natural look and the beige to camel color is very nice.  Those paws are so fluffy.  I had a dream last night that I had a poodle just like this one.  We laid on the couch together and watched TV.

A new direction.

I'm no longer going to write about Church stuff and all of that Catholic stuff, because it just upsets people.  Instead I'm going to write about the sick and twisted people in Catholic media.

Wanna see my best profile photos?  

I don't mind if you do.

I'll post them to my wall - oh wait - I'm not on Facebook any longer - because of the persecution...

I'll post them here instead:

My most popular ever.
I actually had priests from Rome 
writing to me when this was up.
I'm not kidding.

This is actually how I think I look.

Just remember Christine Niles -
I looked like Redford first!
Michael Voris stole my thunder
when he came along.

Too short to remain.

My 30 Rock look.
It's close.

This was a popular image,
I call it "my intellectual pose."
I could be a writer for the the Paris Review
with this one, and it's more
age appropriate I'm told.

I thought if I ever needed a
photo of myself as an old man,
this one would work.

Good grooming was always important 
in my family.


  1. Hot diggity! I lost my entire comment when publishing it. Is there a glitch since this is not the first time it happens while here on your blog, Terry. I have been having to copy my comments first then logging in then pasting. Weird.

    Anyway, mainly said the pics are great, all of the men are dreamboats except pic number one since not my type. You are a dreamboat whichever pic you choose and also said your blog is fun and entertaining and informative.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I've been using a picture of Vivien Leigh as my Facebook avatar. I have a steady stream of men from India, Africa and Southeast Asia writing to me. It is getting to be a bit much. I need to change the picture to something else.


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