Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pope knows what we know...

Yesterday morning at Mass the Holy Father said, “when a priest, a bishop goes after money, the people do not love him – and that's a sign. But he ends badly.”   St. Paul reminds us that he worked with his hands. “He did not have a bank account, he worked, and when a bishop, a priest goes on the road to vanity, he enters into the spirit of careerism – and this hurts the Church very much – [and] ends up being ridiculous: he boasts, he is pleased to be seen, all powerful – and the people do not like that!” “Pray for us,” the Pope repeated, “that we might be poor, that we might be humble, meek, in the service of the people.” - Source

We have a good Pope.


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  1. Thanks Terry. So nice that someone actually says so. But in truth...I think we have a great Pope...he just needs a little more time to show us. Those three Hail Mary's he asked us all to say would be a good thing to do every day, I think.


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